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Yü Energy Business: Electricity & Gas Tariffs & Reviews 

Yü Energy is a business energy supplier delivering water, gas, and electric utilities and connections. The supplier also only offers business connections. While the company was founded in 2014, it’s since grown to be one of the largest business suppliers in the UK. In fact, in 2020, Yü acquired the full Bristol Energy business profile. This brings its total client-base to over 14,000 meters. While this comprises the full extent of Yü’s energy supply, that small-business focus is a perk for many. Plus, the company’s specialization in business energy makes them a better fit for many small businesses.  

Additionally, Yü Energy offers competitive rates on all utilities. Business owners can choose fixed rates and get multi-utility discounts. You can also benefit from 100% renewable energy. While Yü is small, the company also maintains a positive reputation. In fact, it has an average of 4.5 stars on sites like Trustpilot. This, plus unique offerings like water supply under your general utilities contract, makes Yü an attractive offering.  

Yü Business Electricity Tariffs 

While Yü Energy offers multiple contract options including fixed, semi-fixed, and variable rates, they do not offer transparent pricing. Instead, you’ll have to call the company at 0115 697 1121 to request a custom quote. Additionally, Yü Energy offers discounts for choosing more than one utility supply at once. However, this depends on location and whether you choose 2 or 3.  

Yü Energy offers the following electric plans:  

  • Fix – All rates are fixed including standing charges. This is available for hourly and half-hourly meters under different plans.  
  • Multi-Site Fix – You deliver the same energy to multiple sites  
  • Semi-Fixed – Pass-through rates not fixed. You can choose to fix some rates and not others. E.g., the Renewable Pass-Through plan fixes RO, FIT, and CfD charges but nothing else. This allows you to fully customize what you’re fixing and what changes with the market.  
  • Pre-Pay – Conventional pre-pay  
  • Freedom – No contract, variable rates, 30-day notice to leave  
  • Pure Green – All energy is 100% renewable with a certificate of origin  

Additionally, Yü Energy offers some standard offerings across all plans:  

  • Fixed terms of 12-36 months available or all plans except the Freedom Plan  
  • Exit fees on all plans but the Freedom Plan 
  • 30-day notice required on all plans  
  • Automatic rollover on all plans  
  • 100% renewable energy available  
  • Microbusiness rates from 17.5p per kWh with standing charges of 29p per day  
  • Deemed rates average 23.5p per kWh (day rate) and 16.5p per kWh (night rate) with a 159p per day standing charge 
  • Out of Contract Rates average 26.97p per kWh with a standing charge of 159p 

Essentially, Yü Energy offers a range of energy plans, with offerings for most business customers. Additionally, 100% renewable energy offerings are also priced comparably with standard energy contracts. For example, in 2021, Yü Energy’s microbusiness quote was just 18.5p per kWh for 100% renewable energy. That’s versus 17.4p for a similar contract and duration with standard energy. Additionally, Yü also claims that 96% of its total energy mix is from renewable energy.  

Yü Energy Business Gas Tariffs & Plans  

Yü Energy offers extremely competitive gas rates on a fixed plan. Additionally, Yü Energy promises 100% carbon offsets on gas. However, this isn’t mentioned on most of the website. This makes Yü a very attractive choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Plus, with low rates, that won’t detract from your budget.  

Yü Energy primarily offers a fixed tariff for gas.  

  • Fixed tariffs of 1-3 years 
  • Exit fees 
  • 30-day notice to leave 
  • 100% carbon offsets  
  • Tariffs start from 3.11p per kWh with a 50p per day standing charge 
  • Deemed rates average 4.5p per kWh with a 50p per day standing charge 
  • Pre-payment cards supported 
  • Out of Contract rates average 8.15p per kWh withstanding daily charges of 349p for small businesses 

Yü’s gas rates are very affordable if you’re on contract. Additionally, you can reduce rates further by choosing a multi-fuel plan.  

Yü Energy Business Reviews & Ratings 

Yü Energy is mostly favorably reviewed. In fact, the company has a 4.2-star rating on Trustpilot. This puts then in the top 20th percentile of best-reviewed energy suppliers on the platform. Additionally, 74% of over 1000 reviews are 5 stars. That aside, the negative complaints that are there primarily resolve around broker activity. For example, several users have complaints of brokers setting up accounts with the wrong address.  

Additionally, the company has a 3.1-star rating on Google Business. Here, reviews are mostly positive. However, there are some complaints surrounding daily charges, contract terms, and late fees. Facebook comments show a similar story. Overall, Yü has a positive reputation, with fewer complaints about customer service than most competitors.  


  • Transparent fees and low prices 
  • 100% Green Energy available  
  • Well-reviewed customer service 
  • Fixed contracts for up to 3 years  


  • High daily standing charges for deemed rates  
  • Exit fees  
  • High number of complaints for inaccurate billing  
  • Very high out of contract rates  

Switching to Yü Business Energy  

Yü Energy makes it relatively easy to start a contract. While the team is smaller, the company promises to pick up the phone in about 9 seconds. That aside, calling is necessary, as Yü does not allow you to apply for a contract online.  

  • Call 01156971153 to request a quote. If you use under 50,000 kWh of electric or under 75,000 kWh of gas, you can request a quote online. However, you’ll still have to call to set up a contract 
  • Have your gas meter, a recent bill, and proof of tenancy (MPAN, rental contract) on hand  
  • Choose a contract and contract duration  
  • If you need a new supply installation, Yü can handle that as well  
  • Sign the contract 
  • Send notice to your existing supplier, as listed in the terms of your contract. Yü will handle the details of the transfer, but you may be required to send notice yourself depending on your contract.  
  • Wait for the contract to start 

Essentially, Yü is relatively easy to switch to. All you have to do is make sure you have enough data on hand to make the switch.  

Commercial Energy Billing Process 

Yü Energy uses a monthly invoice for gas and electric. However, water customers will receive a quarterly invoice. Additionally, Yü bills after you’ve used energy. In most cases, your rate will be a flat fee based on an estimate of total yearly usage. This is spread into 12 monthly payments. However, if you use pre-payment or a variable plan, you can choose to pay on actual usage instead.  

Your invoice will reflect your tariff per kWh, types of energy used, daily standing charge, and any additional charges. For example, the VAT rate (typically 20%) and climate change levy are not included in your quote. Instead, these are listed on the invoice.  

Change of Tenancy  

If you’re moving in or out of a location supplied by Yü Energy, they ask that you fill out and email a change of tenancy form. This can be downloaded here. Additionally, you’ll have to supply certified documentation showing proof of ownership or tenancy and proof of new tenant in case you’re moving out. These can include:  

  • Surrender or Assignment Lease documentation  
  • Invoice forwarding address (old tenant)  
  • A certificate of landlord ownership  
  • A copy of the lease agreement (new tenant)  

You’ll also have to share:  

  • First/last meter reading 3 days before moving out of the premises/new contract starts 
  • MPAN, MPR, SPID (as applicable)  

You can post the form to Yü Energy, Unit 2, Horizon Place, Mellors Way, Nottingham, NG, or email 

Business Bill Payment Methods 

Yü Energy primarily only accepts direct debit. You’ll have to submit a direct debit mandate on starting a contract. If this does not work for your business, you may be able to set up an alternative. However, as Yü does not support alternatives natively, you’ll have to contact your account manager for details.  

In most cases, if direct debit is not a good choice for you, you may want to choose a different supplier.  

Submitting Meter Readings  

If you don’t yet have a smart meter in place, you’ll have to submit meter readings. Yü allows you to do so on their website or by logging into your account. If you have a multi-site account, you can also submit your meter reading by submitting an excel document to 

To submit a meter reading, you’ll need your account number, and address.  

Smart Meters 

Yü Energy strongly encourages customers to switch to Smart Meters. These are available for free for most business customers. However, very large business customers may not qualify. Smart meters automatically share your meter reading with your electric supplier. This means you’ll get more accurate invoices. You’ll also see your energy usage and can make smarter decisions about how you’re billed and how you buy energy.  

If you want a smart meter, you’ll have to register interest here. Additionally, Yü Energy aims to have all small business customers on a smart meter by 2024.  

Yü Energy Business Contact Details  

Yü Energy maintains a UK customer service department. They also strive to answer the phone as quickly as possible. This makes getting in touch slightly easier than with many competitors.  

Phone: 0115 697 1153 


Address: Unit 2, Horizon Place, Mellors Way, Nottingham NG8 6PY, UK 

Opening Hours: 8 AM – 5PM  

To learn more, visit their contact us page