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SSE Business Energy: 2021 Electricity & Gas Tariffs & Reviews 

SSE, formerly Scottish and Southern Energy, is a Big Six Energy Supplier. With over 3.6 million energy customers and 2.6 million gas customers, SSE is easily one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK. The energy company also offers a strong renewable offering, with 100% renewable energy and gas. That, plus wide availability across the UK, make SSE a top choice for many businesses.  

As of 2020, SSE Energy is operated by OVO Energy. However, SSE did not sell its business division. This means that if you source SSE domestic energy, you are working with a different company than with SSE Business Energy. Despite that, SSE remains one of the top choices for business energy, as it offers competitive rates and terms.  

SSE Business Electricity Tariffs 

SSE offers very simple pricing, with splits for small-to-medium businesses and big business/public sector. While SSE offers one business electric plan for small-to-medium businesses, big business has a range of contract options available.  

Small-to-Medium-Businesses Electric Rates 

SSE offers a single plan for small-to-medium businesses.  

  • Costs from 16.5p p/kWh 
  • Standing charges average 30.5p p/day  
  • Rates p/kWh as much as half of that of some competitors  
  • Contracts extend from 1-3 years  
  • 100% renewable energy/gas available from £6 per day 
  • 30-day written notice required to end the contract  
  • Ideal for micro-to-large businesses  

Big Business/ Public Sector  

SSE delivers a wide range of solutions for big business and public sector. These contracts range from fixed-rate to variable. You will likely get discounts on electric usage based on volume, but as each contract is negotiated individually, it’s important to request a quote to see rates.  


  • SSE Protect (fully fixed rates) 
  • SSE Choice (Energy costs are fixed, non-commodity costs are not)  

Fully Flexible  

  • SSE Shaping (Fixed costs)  
  • SSE Cash Out (Pre-purchased power with daily optimisation)  


  • SSE Green (100% Certified Renewable Gas/Electric 
  • SSE EV (100% Certified Renewable Gas/Electric with high electric supply for electric vehicle charging)  

General Electric Tariffs Information  

  • Deemed rates/out of contract rates average 20p p/day  
  • Out of contract standing charges average 42p p/day  
  • When contracts expire you switch to variable rates at 16-22p p/day  
  • Day/night rates are available with some contracts 
  • Regional cost variations can be considerable  
  • 0.5p p/kWh discount for paying with direct debit  
  • Variable rates are not available for businesses using more than 732,000 kWh per year   

SSE Business Gas Tariffs 

SSE offers gas contracts, including 100% renewable gas, to small-to-enterprise businesses. However, as most SSE gas comes from the North Sea, it is renewable certified by being offset by other operations.  

  • 100% renewable certified gas available  
  • Rates per kWh start from 3.8p p/kWh 
  • 1–3-year contracts available  
  • 30-day notice needed to exit contracts  
  • Late fee applies  
  • 0.1p p/kWh discount for paying with direct debit  

SSE offers the same plans for big-business gas as for electric. This means you have a range of options and plans but must call SSE for a personalized quote. Normally, rates start under 3p p/kWh for band 5+ contracts. However, rates vary considerably, based on location, demand, and contract type.  

SSE Business Reviews & Ratings  

SSE is generally well-reviewed. In fact, with a 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot, it is sometimes one of the best-reviewed of the Big Six Energy Suppliers. In fact, 74% of Trustpilot reviews are 5-star. That’s despite the company having over 14,000 reviews on the platform. Unfortunately, these reviews are an aggregate of SSE and SSE Business reviews.  

SSE has a much lower rating on, where just 7% of reviews are positive. However, with only 41 reviews, the ratings offer less of a general picture. Customers mostly complain about slow customer service. Some also complain about long waits on phone calls. Others mention high incidents of mistakes with bills.  

This tracks with Which?’s review, which rates the company 60%. Which? shows that SSE has the highest rate of complaints per 1000 customers of any energy company. However, SSE also closes 74% of complaints within 2 days, which is better than any competitor. Which? also scores SSE at 60%. This includes 2 stars for bill accuracy, 3 stars for customer service, and 3 stars for complain resolution.  


  • Highly competitive rates  
  • Fast complaint resolution  
  • Simple contracts for small businesses  


  • Long telephone waits 
  • SSE Business vs. SSE Energy are different companies, which can be confusing  
  • High complexity of bills  

Switching to SSE  

SSE offers easy setup, with a simple application process. Unlike some competitors, you cannot apply online. All contracts are set up over the phone.  

  • Call SSE Business at 0800 389 4466 
  • Have your address and estimated demand to hand. If possible, have your MPAN number from the meter to hand.  
  • Choose a contract duration and type. If you fall into the SME category, you’ll only have to choose contract duration and estimated or set rates.  
  • Wait for the 14-day mandatory cool-off period  
  • SSE Business will contact your supplier and transfer your energy contract. Your existing contract may require you to send written notice to your provider in advance, so be sure to check this.  
  • Submit first/last meter readings 

In most cases, you will have to submit the final meter reading to your energy provider. Some will contact SSE for this data. Ask your contact when you call SSE for a quote.  

Commercial Energy Billing Process 

SSE uses multiple billing methods and multiple payment methods. This complicates the process but ensures you can pay in a convenient way. For example, SSE is one of the few business energy suppliers to offer quarterly payments. You can also choose monthly, quarterly, seasonal, or annual pre-purchases depending on your contract.  

SSE allows you to process and pay invoices via paper mail or via their account portal. You will always receive an invoice statement with the invoice, detailing specific rates including non-commodity tariffs. SSE also invoices electric and gas separately, even if you have a dual contract.  

Change of Tenancy  

If you’re moving premises or moving into an SSE property, you will have to fill out a form to complete the transfer process.  

Moving In: Contact SSE using their Moving In Form. Fill out the data, including meter reading, forwarding address for the previous tenant, and expected electric/gas usage.  

Moving Out: Contact SSE using their Moving Out Form. Fill out the data including the meter reading, your forwarding address, and the new tenant’s contact details.  

Business Bill Payment Methods  

SSE offers multiple bill payment methods, including international bank payments. Some, like the direct debit, come with a discount to electric/gas costs. Others are only available with some types of billing. Ask about your options during account setup if you need a specific payment option 

  • Direct Debit (monthly/quarterly)  
  • Cheque (post to SSE Payment Centre, PO Box 13, Havant, PO9 5JB – Include the GIRO tear-off from your bill)  
  • Bank transfer (Transfer to account 00000000 Sort Code: 57-17-57. Include your invoice number and account number in transfer details. Email remittance information to ) 
  • CHAPS (Call 0345 725 2526)  
  • Outside the U.K./Bank Transfer (Transfer to IBAN-GB25NWBK60172100800252 / SWIFT/BIC NWBKGB2L) 

Submitting Meter Readings  

SSE uses a range of meters, which means you have to see which meter you have before registering it. The electric supplier also offers multiple meter reading submission options:  

SSE also provides a detailed explanation of how to read each different meter they offer on the meter reading submission form page.  

Smart Meters 

SSE strongly recommends switching to a smart meter if you don’t have one already. Here, SSE offers free SMETS2 smart meters to all businesses with fewer than 9 sites. These meters automatically register meter readings, so you don’t have to submit them manually. You also get insights into monthly electric and gas usage. Unlike many other smart meters, SMETS2 can be transferred to nearly any supplier.  

Businesses with 9+ locations can choose from SMETS2 or AMR smart meters.  

SSE does not offer a contact process to request a smart meter. However, they are in the process of rolling out smart meters to all qualifying businesses.  

SSE Business Contact Details  

SSE Business offers contact details for customer service, emergency, and contract questions. This makes them relatively easy to contact.  

  • Business Hours: 8:30 AM-5:00 PM 
  • Phone: 0345 725 2526 
  • Email: 
  • Address: Customer Service SSE, Inveralmond House, 200 Dunkeld Road, Perth PH1 3GH 

If you want to learn more, or you want to contact SSE business for another reason, visit its contact page.