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SmartestEnergy Business: Electricity & Gas Tariffs & Reviews

Smartest Energy launched in 2021 as a green alternative to standard energy suppliers. Today, it’s been delivering 100% renewable energy to the grid for more than 20 years. While Smartest is now owned by Japanese investor-corporation Marubeni, it remains headquartered in the UK. That also means local customer service and local complaints handling.  

That all comes together to create a very well-reviewed company with a history of loyal customers. SmartestEnergy services 2,000 businesses in the UK. However, many of them have been with the company for over a decade. That shows in the company’s online reputation as well as in good complaints handling and reasonably fast customer service. On the other hand, SmartestEnergy does not supply gas, which is a negative point for many businesses.  

SmartestEnergy Business Electricity Tariffs 

SmartestEnergy offers 100% renewable energy under a range of tariff plans. Each has different offerings. However, you’ll have to contact Smartest for a full and specific quote for most. Additionally, not all electric plans are available to every business.  

Smartest Energy’s electric tariffs and plans include:  

Fixed Fully Delivered 

  • Fully fixed rates  
  • Fixed commodity costs 
  • 1-5 years of fixed costs 


  • Fixed power rates 
  • Pass-through environment rates 
  • Fixed network and system charges 
  • Annual non-commodity costs forecasts 

Energy Only Fixed Price 

  • Fixed power  
  • Pass-through non-commodity rates  


  • Variable rates 
  • Purchase Energy upfront in quarterly or bi-yearly blocks 
  • Various non-commodity pricing strategies available  
  • Only available to businesses with half-hourly meters  


  • Variable rates 
  • Available for purchase groups  
  • Hedging Team support 
  • Purchase power upfront in monthly, quarterly, or seasonal blocks  

Flexible Framework 

  • Power purchase options for energy consultants and brokers 

General Electric Tariff Information  

SmartestEnergy offers 100% renewable energy for all plans. Additionally, all plans can choose from three levels of renewable energy:  

  • Standard Renewable – 100% renewable from various sources 
  • Natural Renewable – 100% solar, wind, hydro generated  
  • Specific Renewable – Your choice of renewable sources 

In addition, Smartest offers the following terms:  

  • 1–5-year contracts. All contracts are available for at least 3 years  
  • Daily standing charges average 68p per day  
  • Rates start from 16p per kWh but go up to 23 p p/kWh 
  • 100% renewable energy available (standard plans have up to 22% natural gas power) 
  • Full support for purchase groups including non-half-hourly meter buyers 
  • Deemed rates from 21p p/kWh with £2-3 per day standing charge  
  • You can opt into a Budget Plan to spread yearly estimated costs over 12 fixed monthly payments 

SmartestEnergy is one of the only suppliers to offer completely fixed rates (including non-commodity charges) for up to 5 years. This can offer considerable certainty for businesses looking for predictable billing.  

SmartestEnergy Business Gas Tariffs & Plans 

As of 2021, Smartest Energy does not offer gas. 

SmartestEnergy Business Reviews & Ratings  

SmartestEnergy does not have a lot of online reviews. While this makes sense, considering they have roughly 2000 business customers, it does make it more difficult for you to evaluate the company. However, what they do have online is largely positive. For example, Smartest Energy has a 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot, with nearly 500 reviews. 71% of these are 5-star reviews. The most common complaint relates to inaccurate invoicing, which is a problem you can resolve with a smart meter. On the other hand, most of the 60 reviews on Google Business are negative. Here, customers complain about poor customer service and inaccurate invoicing.  

Otherwise, there are few opinions about SmartestEnergy online. In some respects, that’s likely a good sign. People who have negative experiences are very likely to voice them online. People with positive or neutral experiences rarely have incentive to do so. Therefore, most customer interactions with SmartestEnergy are likely positive enough to not make an impact.  


  • 100% renewable energy  
  • Pricing and tariff options for every buyer 
  • Group purchase options with hedging support 
  • Affordable renewable energy rates 


  • No gas supply  
  • Wide range of plans can be confusing  
  • Pricing is not transparent  
  • Small customer service team  

Switching to SmartestEnergy Business Energy  

The best way to get started with a SmartestEnergy plan is to call them. In fact, you cannot start a contract online. Instead, you’ll have to call, discuss plan options, and then make a decision. Unfortunately, SmartestEnergy’s plans are complex, so this might not be as simple as you might like.  

  • Call +44 1903 703 400 for business enquiries or +44 1473 234150 for commercial and industrial enquiries 
  • Discuss options and select a plan. You can request a brochure and an email to be mailed to you  
  • You will receive a custom quote based on your business. Make sure you have zip code, estimated usage, and other details to hand. SmartestEnergy negotiates quotes with you based on these details so you might get a lower or higher quote than the online quote generator 
  • Finalize the contract 
  • If you have an existing supplier, you are responsible for sending them leave of notice.  
  • Submit your first meter reading  

Importantly, SmartestEnergy is a small company, so they might handle fewer details than a larger competitor. Otherwise, energy transfer should be seamless. Additionally, SmartestEnergy can install a completely new supply if needed. If this is the case, contact them to request rates, timelines, and options. SmartestEnergy offers this for new customers as well as customers adding new offices or moving premises. Additionally, if you’d like to completely disconnect power and remove the supply, SmartestEnergy offers this service.  

Commercial Energy Billing Process 

SmartestEnergy offers either monthly invoicing and billing or block purchases in advance. Depending on your contract, you’ll likely receive a monthly invoice. If you have a flex plan, you’ll have to select how much power you’ll buy and then pay for it upfront. Invoices are sent with VAT (20% for most businesses) plus the Climate Change Levy (CCL) included. SmartestEnergy uses a paperless billing process. This means you’ll have to sign up for their online portal to view your invoice. If you’d prefer a paper invoice, Smartest charges £5 per billing cycle. Smartest claims this is to reduce paper usage to make their total service more eco-friendly.  

If you have a smart meter installed, invoices are based on actual usage. You can also submit a meter reading on a monthly basis to receive an “actual usage” invoice. Otherwise, you’ll receive an invoice based on estimated usage. Smartest Energy does not do fixed monthly rates unless you opt into a Budget Plan. Therefore, your actual costs can fluctuate from month to month. 

Change of Tenancy  

SmartestEnergy uses a standard Change of Tenancy form which you’re required to submit a minimum of 25 days before the move. Additionally, SmartestEnergy can arrange to permanently disconnect energy on your moving out. You can choose to move your contract to a new location. However, you will have to contact your account manager to do so.  

If you’re moving into a location with a SmartestEnergy connection, simply contact the supplier. The fastest way to do so is their phone number, 44 1473 234150. You should aim to contact them as early as possible before the move. However, you will need the MPAN and meter reading to set up the contract.  

Business Bill Payment Methods  

SmartestEnergy accepts direct debit and BACs bank transfer via its online billing portal. If you would like an alternative billing option, you’ll have to contact your account manager. Additionally, the default payment option is BACs, using the bank number listed on your invoice. If you’d prefer to set up direct debit, you’ll have to fill out the direct debit mandate and send it in.  

Submitting Meter Readings  

If you don’t yet have a smart meter in place, you have to submit yearly meter readings. You can also choose to submit monthly readings (at the end of the month) to ensure your invoices remain accurate. To do so, log into the SmartWeb portal and click “Submit Meter Reading”. You’ll need the MPAN + all but the red numbers on your meter. Alternatively, you can call 0800 088 4581 to submit your meter reading. Have your MPAN and account number to hand.  

Smart Meters 

SmartestEnergy offers smart meter installations in accordance with OFGEM regulations. However, if you’d like a smart meter, you’ll have to contact your account manager to make a request. SmartestEnergy does not have a dedicated portal or service set up to register interest.  

Smart meters track electric usage in real time and share data over the web. This allows you and the energy company to see real usage. Smart meter data can enable you to make cost-saving decisions to use energy when you pay less. It also helps to ensure your monthly bill is as accurate as possible, because your supplier sees actual usage. Of course, this matters less if you have a monthly fixed rate.  

SmartestEnergy Business Contact Details  

SmartestEnergy has a small UK-based customer service department. You’ll normally have an easy time getting in touch. However, some reviews say customer service might be slow.  

Phone: +44 1903 703 400 

Contact Form: Link 

Opening Hours: 8:30 AM-5PM 

Address: SmartestEnergy Limited, The Columbus Building, 7 Westferry Circus, London, E14 4HD  

Visit their “Contact Us” page to learn more.