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Scottish Power Business Energy: 2021 Tariffs & Reviews

Scottish Power is a UK Big Six Energy Supplier. The company has over 5 million customers across Scotland and Wales. Additionally, Scottish Power serves three counties in England. The company is also the only big six energy supplier to offer green hydrogen gas. Additionally, they generate this themselves using wind and solar-produced power.  

That makes Scottish Power a top choice, especially for business and industry customers who have to go green to meet targets. Scottish Power is a top choice for businesses looking to reduce carbon footprint or to go carbon neutral. Additionally, they offer competitive pricing compared to other big six suppliers.  

Scottish Power Business Electricity Tariffs 

Scottish Power does not offer business electricity quotes online. Instead, you can call the company at 0800 22 44 00 from 9 AM to 6 PM. Like most other suppliers, Scottish Power offers several plans and options for businesses based on size. Additionally, you can expect rates to vary based on location, business size, and contract type.  

 Scottish Power offers multiple options for commercial buyers. Additionally, each of these plans is available for microbusiness toenterprise. Scottish Power is the only big six suppliers to offer all plans to micro-businesses.  

Electricity Simply Fixed 

  • Fixed rates until the end of term  
  • Terms available in 1-3 years 
  • Fixed energy and non-commodity costs 
  • Ideal for businesses looking for predictable pricing  

Electricity Control  

  • Only available to half-hourly metered businesses  
  • Fixed prices until the end of term  
  • Terms available in 1-3 years 
  • You set your own peak hourly usage 
  • Ideal for businesses with different peak usage hours than standard  

Electricity Pass-Through 

  • Available to half-hourly metered businesses 
  • Fixed electric costs till the end of term, non-commodity costs are not fixed)  
  • Set up a tariff structure that accommodates your peak demand  
  • Allows daily tracking and updates to usage 
  • Ideal for customers with high electric usage or often changing needs  

You can also choose a variable rate, but this normally costs more than choosing a fixed plan. 

General Electric Tariff Information  

  • 100% renewable energy (most power is generated through Scottish Power’s wind farms) 
  • Variable rates average 20p p/kWh with a 37p standing charge (when paid by direct debit)  
  • Discounts for paying with direct debit  
  • Deemed or out of contract rates average 23p p/kWh with a 56p standing charge  
  • Fully UK-based teams  

Scottish Power Business Gas Tariffs & Plans 

Scottish Power offers two basic gas plans to all consumers 

Business Fixed 

  • 1–3-year contract  
  • Fixed energy and non-commodity costs  
  • Fully UK-based customer service team  
  • Ideal for businesses looking for the lowest rates  

Standard Fixed  

  • Fixed rate for 1 year  
  • No exit fees 
  • 30-day termination notice needed 
  • Fully UK-based customer service team  
  • Ideal for businesses looking for freedom from contracts without paying variable rates 

Scottish Power also offers green hydrogen gas. It generates this using wind-produced power and electrolysis. This is available as part of a custom plan for big businesses who need to go green, but who cannot electrify their operations.  

General Gas Tariff Information  

  • Variable rates average 5.7p p/kWh with a 30p p/day standing tariff (when paid by direct debit) 
  • Deemed rates/out of contract rates average 7p p/kWh with a 30p p/day standing tariff 

Scottish Power Business Reviews & Ratings  

Scottish Power has over 5 million customers, making it one of the largest suppliers in the UK. This is reflected by over 25,000 reviews on Trustpilot. Here, the brand has a 3.5-star rating. 45% of total reviews are 5-star. Additionally, most reviews within the last year are positive. Here, negative complaints relate to similar items. For example, a few complaints center around Scottish Power offering better deals to new customers. Others relate to long waits on the phone.  

Scottish Power has a considerably worse reputation on Here, the company has a 1.1-star review from 640+ customers. Many complaints relate to problems switching bills and to quarterly billing arrangements. However, many also refer to Scottish Power takeovers of existing electric companies.  

Which? rates Scottish Power as 55%. This includes a 3-star rating for bill accuracy, 2 stars for customer service, and 2 stars for complaints handling. Which? also shows that Scottish Power resolves 48% of complaints within 2 days. That’s below average for a Big Six Energy Supplier, but only slightly so.  


  • 100% renewable energy  
  • No contract termination fees for some contracts  
  • New UK-based customer service teams  
  • Contracts built around half-hourly metering  


  • Slow customer service 
  • Slow complaints resolution  
  • Ranked “Worst for Customer Service” by Which? and The Observer 

Switching to Scottish Power  

Scottish Power makes getting started relatively easy. Here, you should start by gathering information and calling the supplier. You cannot start a contract online.  

  • Call Scottish Power at 0800 22 44 00 or request a callback to avoid waiting on the line  
  • Have your address, business name, and estimated demand to hand 
  • You may be asked for your MPAN  
  • Choose a contract duration and type. Scottish Power offers discounts for dual contracts (Gas/Electric) and for using direct debit  
  • Wait the mandatory 14-day cool off period 
  • Sign the contract  
  • Submit first/last energy meter readings 

In most cases, your previous supplier will receive your transfer data from Scottish Power. However, some contracts require you to send written notice, at least 30 days in advance. You may also be required to send your last meter reading to your old supplier yourself. Check and ask Scottish Power what they are handling for you while you’re on the phone.  

Billing Process 

Scottish Power defaults to sending digital bills via email or through your Scottish Power account and online portal. You can also opt into paper billing. Scottish Power also bills either monthly or quarterly, depending on your account and contract setup.  

Change of Tenancy  

If you are moving into SP premises you have to alert them. If you’re moving out with an active Scottish Power contract, it’s important to take the right steps to avoid a fine.  

  • Call Scottish Power at 0800 074 0062 or fill out their moving form 
  • Share details, including new address, date of move, and final meter reading  
  • Leave direct debit connected if you are moving, Scottish Power will send your bill 14 days after the final invoice  
  • Have the new tenant’s details ready or the old tenant’s forwarding details to hand  

That’s it. Scottish Power will normally handle all other details for you. However, you might be asked for more information. For example, a confirmation of tenancy change (lease agreement, etc.). You might also be asked for any other supporting documentation to show when you become or cease to be responsible.  

Business Bill Payment Methods  

Scottish Power offers an online portal, where you can log in to pay all bills. Like other Big Six Energy Suppliers, Scottish Power offers discounts for using direct debit. You can also pay with:  

  • Credit/Debit (download the mobile app or register for the portal)  
  • Call 0800 001 5168 for one-off bank transfers, credit/debit payments, etc.  
  • Bank Transfer (transfer to sort code: 83-07-06, account number 00674713 and reference your 11-digit Scottish Power account number, as found on your invoice)  
  • Cash/Cheque (register for a Monthly cash plan by calling Scottish Power or through your account)  

Submitting Meter Readings 

Most Scottish Power business customers are on smart meters, with half-hourly metering. However, if you aren’t, you’ll still have to submit meter readings. Scottish Power makes this relatively easy with plenty of options to do so.  

  • Use the Scottish Power App 
  • Submit via the online portal  
  • Call 0800 027 8000  

There is no online form you can use to submit a meter reading without an account.  

Smart Meters 

Scottish Power is in the process of rolling out smart meters on a region-by-region basis. To qualify for a local installation, you’ll have to wait until you receive a letter inviting you to schedule an appointment. Once you do receive this letter, you can use this link to schedule the appointment. If you move into a new premises, chances are, you already have a smart meter.  

Smart meters offer plenty of advantages to businesses. For example, more accurate billing, insight into charges and power usage, and better control of peak usage. This gives you more control of how and what you spend and more insight into what type of contract you might want.  

Scottish Power Business Contact Details  

Scottish Power switched to a UK-based customer support team in 2021. This means getting in touch is easier than ever. However, you may have a long wait time on the phone. Scottish Power uses the following contact details:  

Opening Hours: 8:30 AM – 6PM  

Phone Number: 0800 074 0052 


Address: Customer Services, Freepost SCO5388, 320 St Vincent Street, Glasgow G2 5AD  

To learn more, visit Scottish Power’s contact page. If you already have a Scottish Power account, Scottish Power asks that you contact your account manager and not the generic contact numbers.