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PFP Energy Business: Electricity & Gas Tariffs & Reviews

PFP Energy or Profit for Purpose Energy is one of the only not-for-profit energy suppliers in the UK. That makes PFP Energy highly competitive in terms of rates and green energy. While the company was founded in 2015, it’s gone on to supply over 6000 customers in the UK. PFP opened a business energy supply branch in 2017 and now offers 100% renewable energy at extremely competitive rates across the UK.  

While PFP charges competitive rates, most of the investment goes into improving green energy, donating to charities, and investing in community. That makes PFP an especially good choice for socially conscious businesses who also want to ensure they’re getting the best rates on renewables. And PFP maintains a good reputation for service, quality, and rates.  

PFP Energy Business Electricity Tariffs 

PFP Energy uses a simple, flat-rate tariff with one plan option. You can choose fixed rates for 1-5 years. With no other plan options, making decisions is easy. That’s a vast improvement over many traditional suppliers, who offer a confusing array of plans. However, it also means that PFP does not offer a variable tariff option.  

  • Fixed contracts of 1-5 years 
  • 30 exit fees  
  • Early exit / early termination fees 
  • 100% renewable energy  
  • Rates average 18.5p per kWh with a 79p daily standing charge 
  • 30-day notice required to terminate a contract 
  • Deemed rates from 21p per kWh with a 100p per day standing charge (pass-through charges not included)  
  • Quote matching service (If you have a lower quote from another supplier on equivalent energy, PFP Energy will try to match it)  

Essentially, PFP Energy offers straightforward, cost-effective energy. While 18p isn’t quite the cheapest energy available, it’s close. And with lower rates available for big business, PFP is competitive. Importantly rates do not include the average 20% VAT, climate change levy (CCL), or pass-through rates. These will be reflected separately on your invoice.  

PFP Business Gas Tariffs & Plans 

PFP offers competitive gas rates. However, the company does not offer green gas. It also does not offer carbon offsets for gas. This means that if you’re aiming for a carbon neutral target for your business, you’ll either have to purchase carbon offsets elsewhere or choose gas elsewhere. However, PFP does offer heat pumps and other alternatives to reduce total gas used.  

  • 1–5-year fixed rate plans available  
  • Exit fees cost £30  
  • 30-day notice needed to exit contract 
  • Deemed rates from 5p per kWh with daily standing charges of 110p or 500p for businesses using over 73,000 kWh per year  
  • Gas charges from 3.5p per kWh with standing charges from 30p per day 
  • No green gas/carbon offsets available  

PFP does not use biogas because they claim it is too expensive and not as green as claimed. The company also does not offer carbon offsets, as it aims to keep prices as low as possible. This can be disadvantageous for organizations needed carbon offsets to meet targets. Otherwise, it means PFP is one of the most competitively priced options on the market.  

PFP Energy Business Reviews & Ratings  

PFP Energy has an overall positive reputation. On Trustpilot, the company has a 3.89-star rating, which is about average for energy companies in the UK. This is comprised of 55% 5-star-ratings, 18% 4-star ratings, and 19% 1-star ratings. Negative reviews largely center around poor customer service. Some also claim that PFP uses debt collection agencies. On, PFP has a worse rating. Here, just 19% of total users recommend the company. Again, most complaints center around poor or slow customer service.  

Overall, consumers appear to be happy with the service, rates, and electric provided. On the other hand, some consumers may have issues with the small customer service team and long wait times. This may balance out for your organization depending on what your needs are.  


  • Highly competitive rates 
  • Fixed rates for up to 5 years 
  • Organisation contributes to charitable causes 
  • 100% renewable energy available  


  • Small customer service team  
  • No renewable gas or carbon offsets 
  • No variable rates  
  • Exit fees per fuel type. If you use gas and electric, your total exit fee will be £60 

Switching to PFP Business Energy  

PFP business energy is relatively easy to setup. However, unlike larger competitors, you cannot normally do so online. Instead, you’ll have to call to request a bespoke quote. Then, you can accept the quote and move forward with the contract.  

  • Call PFP Energy at 01772 395770 or email 
  • Have your business details, estimated usage or spend, address, and MPAN ready  
  • Choose how long you’d like to lock rates in for  
  • Wait while PFP Energy runs a credit check  
  • Submit your first meter reading  
  • Your energy contract will start 

PFP Energy does not use a cool-off period for business contracts. This means that once you sign the contract, it’s started. You’ll be locked in for the full duration of the contract. Additionally, PFP asks that you start contracts at least 25 days before you need power. Otherwise, they cannot guarantee you will have supply on the date. This means you may owe another supplier deemed rates. If PFP already supplies the premises, you may owe PFP deemed rates.  

Commercial Energy Billing Process 

PFP uses online invoicing but can also send paper invoices. Your invoice includes your statement of usage plus additional fees such as your pass-through rates, the climate change levy, and VAT. Because PFP requires that you set up direct debit, everything is handled automatically. However, if you do not have a smart meter, you can submit your meter reading 3 days before or up to 3 days after the invoice to update the bill. If you do not have a smart meter, the initial invoice is an estimate of usage. You’ll receive a new invoice if the actual meter reading does not match the estimate.  

Change of Tenancy  

If you’re moving in or out of a location supplied by PFP, they ask that you fill out their Change of Tenancy form. Here, you’ll be asked to provide business details, contact information, and a meter reading.  

  • Have your MPAN and MPRN to hand  
  • Share electric and gas meter readings 
  • Share business details  
  • Add move in/move out date 
  • Show proof of tenancy/new tenancy  
  • Update owner contact details  

PFP asks that you fill out the change of tenancy form at least 25 days before the moving out period. Otherwise, you may still owe PFP for energy used after you move out. If you’re moving in, you can easily set up a new contract and continue with PFP.  

Business Bill Payment Methods  

PFP primarily accepts direct debit. This means you will have to sign up to the online portal and fill out a Direct Debit Mandate to get started with billing. If you disagree with Direct Debit, PFP does accept BACs transfers. However, they ask that you primarily only use this if your direct debit charge fails for whatever reason.  

BACs transfers can be sent to PFP Energy, Sort Code 20-69-93, Account Number 43292053. 

Additionally, you can call 01772 395747 and press 1 to pay using your debit or credit card.  

Submitting Meter Readings  

You can submit a meter reading up to 3 days before your invoice or 3 days after your invoice to update billing. You can also submit a yearly meter reading. If you don’t have a smart meter, PFP asks that you submit a meter reading every 1-2 months. You have to do this via your PFP account. Here, you should sign up for an account, log in, and click “Submit Meter Reading” from the menu. PFP offers in-app guidance for different types of meters they support.  

PFP is one of the only providers to ask that you submit meter readings so often. While once a month is often, it means you’ll receive better estimated bills. You’ll also see better bill prediction if you stop submitting monthly readings. However, PFP asks that all customers move to a smart meter to fully resolve this problem.  

Smart Meters 

PFP offers smart meters and is actively working to ensure full rollout. Switching to a smart meter means you get more accurate billing, without having to submit a monthly meter reading. Additionally, you can send electric usage to your application, where you can track when and how you use power. This means smart meters can help you to reduce costs by allowing you to optimize how you use energy.  

Additionally, smart meters mean PFP will rarely send anyone to check your meter. Instead, the meter automatically transmits data, so everyone stays up to date. You can indicate your interest in a smart meter on PFPs website 

PFP Energy Business Contact Details 

PFP has a relatively small customer service team. This means wait times may be longer than expected if you email or phone them. However, PFP does attempt to respond to emails within 48 hours. Additionally, you can use the chat form on the website during business hours.  


Phone: 01772 395747 

Opening Hours: 9AM-5PM  

Address: Edward VII Quay, Navigation Way, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston PR2 2YF, UK 

For more information, or for their contact form, visit PFPs contact page