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Opus Business Energy: Electricity & Gas Tariffs & Reviews 

Opus is a British Big Six energy supplier. In fact, as the second-largest supplier of business gas and the 5th largest supplier of business electric in 2021, it’s near the top of the list. At the same time, Opus is a relatively new company.  While Opus tops the lists of large British energy suppliers, it was only founded in 2002.  

Today, Opus is owned by the Drax Group. It’s also one of the greenest of the Big Six suppliers, with three consecutive years of sourcing 100% renewable energy. The company is also incredibly popular with customers. In fact, Opus rose to popularity as an alternative to the Big Six and old-fashioned energy practices. That makes them a top choice for anyone looking for business energy and gas at competitive prices.  

Opus Business Electricity Tariffs 

Opus sources 100% renewable energy. While you’d expect their electricity tariffs to be higher as a result, on average, they aren’t. Instead, Opus delivers surprisingly competitive rates across the United Kingdom. However, eventual rates depend on location, duration of contract and contract type. Your total electricity usage will also play a role in pricing.  

While Opus delivers different contracts to big business, the contract formats are relatively the same. The only difference is that rates are cheaper. To be eligible for Opus Fixed or Opus Evolution, you have to have more than five premises or spend £100,000 + per year. However, this also comes with a dedicated account manage.  

Fixed Rates / Opus Fixed 

  • Fixed plans lock rates in for 1-36 months  
  • 30-day rolling contracts with fixed terms for 1 year available  
  • All plans allow pass-through rates, meaning prices are not fully fixed  
  • Group purchasing available  
  • 30-day notice required to exit the contract 
  • No contract termination fee  
  • Protection from most market fluctuation  
  • Fully renewable and fully British sourced energy available  

Variable Rates / Opus Evolution  

  • Freedom from contracts  
  • 30-day rolling plans available  
  • Pre-pay megawatt hours in blocks of months, quarters, or seasons.  
  • Sell unused electric at current rates 
  • Get full traceability of energy used with smart metering  

General Electric Tariffs Information  

  • Deemed rates average 23.5 pence p/kWh with a 99-600p standing charge day rate 
  • All contracts receive free access to an online energy management portal  
  • Group buying (up to 5 locations) is supported with all contracts 
  • Most contracts qualify for 100% renewable energy at no extra cost 
  • 100% British energy available at an extra cost  

Opus does not offer upfront pricing. However, the electric supplier has won multiple awards for delivering fair rates. This makes them an ideal choice for businesses that want to go green. However, you cannot get a quote without your MPAN or records of costs. That is, unless you are moving into a new location. Additionally, most quotes do not include Renewal Obligations, Electricity Market Reform, and Feed-in Tariff charges. For example, the 0.811 p/kWh Climate Change levy. This means that the actual rates reflected on your bill might be higher than the quote.  

Opus Business Gas Tariffs & Plans 

Opus delivers a single gas plan to most UK businesses. Unlike electric, you can only choose a fixed plan.  

  • 6.99p p/kWh flat rate deemed rates across the UK  
  • Standing charges (day rates) average 150-300p across the UK  
  • 12–36-month contracts available  
  • 100% renewable gas  

Opus has higher standing charges than many competitors. However, they will offer a competitive quote when you provide business details. it’s important to remember a quote is only valid for 24 hours, after which you’ll have to request a new one.  

Opus Business Review & Ratings 

Opus has an overall very poor reputation for customer service and problem resolution. With dozens of negative reviews highlighting slow customer service and slow support. However, the same electric company has won multiple awards for overall good support and electric delivery. This means the online reviews might be a case of “people with negative experiences are more likely to be vocal about them”. That aside, Opus definitely doesn’t’ have the best customer service hotline.  

As a result, Opus has a 1.7-star rating on Trustpilot, with 28% 5-star reviews. They maintain a similar 1.06-star review on (formerly Most complaints relate to slow customer service and poor follow-up on complaints. Some also cite mistakes with invoicing. However, Opus Energy appears to be trying to improve.  Citizens Advice ranked the company on spot 84 in Jan 2020 for best-to-worst handling of customer complaints. By December of 2020, they had moved to spot 12.  


  • Fully renewable energy  
  • Competitive rates 
  • No termination fees 


  • Slow customer service 
  • High standing charges 
  • Standing charges cannot be opted out of if you have a meter and don’t disconnect it 

Switching to Opus Business Energy  

Opus makes it as easy as possible to switch to their business energy. In most cases, you can simply call the company to start the process, and everything should be finalized within 24 hours.  

  • Use the Opus chatbot to request a quote. Opus will follow up by calling you.  
  • Quotes are only valid for 24 hours  
  • Have your address, MPAN if available, a previous energy bill, and estimated demand to hand  
  • Choose a fixed or variable plan  
  • Choose a start date 
  • If you’re in an existing contract, you may have to contact them depending on your contract. Opus will also contact them to handle as much of the changeover as possible.  
  • Submit the first meter reading 

Opus will handle most of the process of moving for you. However, you might still have to write a letter of termination to your old supplier, depending on your contract. Additionally, you might also have to submit final meter readings if you don’t have a smart meter.  

Additionally, Opus claims you can start electric and gas immediately. However, Opus is unlikely to be able to start your contract sooner than 2 weeks.  

Commercial Energy Billing Process 

Opus uses a very transparent invoicing system with date of contract, all billed fees, and all levies on the invoice. You’ll receive one monthly in the mail. Additionally, you can log onto your Opus portal to see fees at any time. If you already have a smart meter, these fees are real-time.  

Opus also bills with business VAT included. This includes either the standard rate of 20% or the lower rate for qualifying businesses. Once you receive the bill, you can pay it for the previous month. Some businesses opt into pre-buying energy per month, quarter, or season, in which case you are invoiced and expected to pay upfront.  

Change of Tenancy  

Opus views a change of tenancy as a termination of contract. A new tenant will have to submit details and start a new contract. Otherwise, the new tenant will be charged deemed rates, which can be considerably more expensive.  

Whether you’re moving in or out, Opus needs you to:  

  • Fill out the correct form from their website and submit it  
  •  Make sure you have details like meter reading, move-in/move-out date, and previous/new tenant details to hand  
  • Opus asks new tenants to supply business registration details  

If you’re moving out, this form should be submitted at least 30 days before the move-out date so that Opus can terminate your contract. Otherwise, you will still be billed for an additional 30 days.  

Business Bill Payment Methods  

Opus accepts several billpay methods including Direct Debit and bank transfer. Additionally, you can access all payment options by logging into your Opus account. Opus also offers bank transfer information on the invoice.  

  • Direct Debit (set this up in your account or call 01604 797301)  
  • BACS transfer (check bank details on your invoice, check your account, or call Opus)  
  • Call 01604 797301 to pay your invoice over the phone  
  • Post a cheque to Opus Energy Ltd, PO Box 55, Sheffield, S98 1DZ with your account number as a reference  

Opus also offers some options for backpay, but you will have to call them to set this up.  

Submitting Meter Readings 

Opus strives to ensure that every customer is on a smart meter. Therefore, it is unlikely you will have to submit a meter reading. If you do still have an old-fashioned meter, use one of the following options:  

  1. Login to the Opus Portal. Then, select “Energy Usage” from the menu and click “Submit Meter Readings”. Opus offers instructions per meter type.  
  2. Call 0843 227 2377 
  3. Email the reading to  

Smart Meters 

Opus offers free Smart Meters to nearly all business accounts. If you do not yet have a smart meter, you can easily schedule an installation. To do so, visit Opus’s website 

Smart Meters automatically track energy usage. This means you don’t have to submit meter readings. It also means billing is more precise. This is especially important if you are paying variable rates because you’ll never pay on estimated usage again.  

Opus Business Contact Details  

Opus is relatively easy to contact, however, some of their phone numbers are premium.  

Phone Number: 0843 227 2377 (billed at 7p per minute)  

Address: Opus Energy House, 8-10 The Lakes, Northampton, NN4 7YD 

Opening Times: 9AM-5PM Mon-Fri 

To learn more, visit their contact page.