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E.ON Business Energy: Electricity & Gas Tariffs & Reviews

E.ON is a British Big Six Energy Supplier, meaning it’s one of the largest providers in the country. The supplier is also one of the largest in Europe, with over 33 million customers. E.ON stands out for those looking for green energy. In fact, E.ON was one of the first to offer 100% renewable energy to residences and most small-to-medium businesses.  

E.ON is extremely popular, generally well-reviewed, and competitively priced. It’s also very competitive, with lower rates than similarly sized competitors. This makes E.ON a popular choice for businesses of all sizes, for both gas and electric.  

E.ON Business Electricity Tariffs  

E.ON offers small and big business rates, with variable and fixed-rate tariffs. This means electric tariffs from E.ON will vary depending on location, business size, contract type, and contract length.  

Variable Plans  

  • Includes Variable Developer and Variable Electric Plans  
  • Rates average 26.3 p p/kWh 
  • 30-day rolling contract 
  • 30-Day notice needed to exit the contract  
  • Standing rates from 48p p/day  
  • Variable plan/ Rates fluctuate with the market  
  • Ideal for businesses looking for freedom from contracts 

Fixed Plans  

  • Fixed plans lock in rates for 1-4 years  
  • Protection from market fluctuation  
  • Early-termination fees 
  • Rates average 26.3p p/kWh-36p p/ kWh 
  • Standing charges average 32.6p p/day  
  • Includes any applicable Renewal Obligation, Electricity Market Reform and Feed-in Tariff charges 

General Electric Tariffs Information  

  • Deemed rates/out of contract rates average 26.5p p/kWh with a standing charge of 281p p/day  
  • When plans expire, you switch to a variable rate averaging 26p p/kWh daytime and 18.6p p/kWh nighttime 
  • Most businesses qualify for 100% renewable energy at no extra cost 
  • Discounts for Direct Debit  
  • Standing charges average 32-98p p/day  
  • All p/ kWh rates are based on location with day/night rates  

E.ON offers very upfront pricing. However, it’s important to request a quote based on your location, business size, and total volume of usage. These greatly affect costs. For example, changing your location can reduce the cost p kWh by more than 10p in some regions. Like most other providers, E.ON does not include the 20% VAT in the quote. However, all Renewal Obligations, Electricity Market Reform, and Feed-in Tariff charges are included, such as the 0.811p/kWh Climate Change Levy.  

E.ON Business Gas Tariffs & Plans  

E.ON offers gas plans to match its electric plans. This means you get Rolling or fixed-rate plans, which revert to a variable tariff on expiry.  

Variable Gas  

  • 30-Day rolling contract 
  • Rates average 5-6p p/kWh  
  • Standing charges average 32-56p p/day  
  • Rates fluctuate with the market 
  • Ideal for businesses looking for freedom from plans  

Fixed-Rate Business Gas  

  • 1-4-Year fixed tariffs available  
  • Protection from market fluctuations  
  • Rates start at 3.6p p/kWh  
  • Early Termination Fee applies  
  • Variable rates average 6.4p p/kWh with a 49.29 daily standing charge  

Big Business Tariffs 

E.ON also offers custom pricing and plans for big business. These include the same fixed or rolling contract options but with pricing and terms designed for users spending 30,000+ or using +2.5GW of gas or electric. This pricing is completely custom and can include decentralized energy generation, waste heat energy generation, and other solutions.  

E.ON Business Reviews & Ratings  

E.ON is generally positively reviewed. For example, Trustpilot rates E.ON 3.6 out of 5 stars, with over 26,000 reviews. 49% of these are 5-star., which only has 6 reviews, offers a similar perspective. Most customers are happy with rates, problem resolution, and general service. However, most complains concern poor or slow customer service, difficulty with meter installations, and similar issues.  

CitizensAdvice mirrors this “middle of the road” rating, placing E.ON at number 29 on best-rated energy suppliers (out of 60) in the country. Which? rates the energy provider 4 stars for bill accuracy, 3 stars for customer service, and 3 stars for complaints handling. These ratings are among the highest of any Top 6 Energy Supplier.  


  • Fully renewable energy  
  • Wide range of plans and pricing  
  • No auto-renewals  


  • Rate p/kWh can be high  
  • Large number of plans can be confusing  
  • Customer service is slow 

Switching to E.ON  

E.ON offers considerable support for businesses that want to switch. Here, you can simply call the provider to get a quote, start your contract, and set up. E.ON does not offer an online-only start.  

  1. Call E.ON at 0345 052 0000 
  2. Have your address, business details, and estimated demand at hand 
  3. Choose a fixed or variable plan  
  4. Confirm the start date (as soon as 7 days from the call) 
  5. If you’re in an existing contract with another supplier, E.ON will contact them for you. This means that, unless your existing supplier requires a signed notice of leave, you don’t have to do anything  
  6. Submit first meter readings  
  7. Wait for the 14-day mandatory cool-off period to end  

Because E.ON handles most of the process of moving for you, you might not have to contact your old provider at all. However, you may have to give E.ON the forwarding and email address of the previous building tenant if you are moving into a new building. In some cases, your old supplier may still require that you contact them personally to end the contract.  

Additionally, while E.ON is required to offer a 14-day cool off period by law, they can start your electric and gas immediately. Plus, with a listed 7-day response time, E.ON is one of the fastest energy companies for setting up new contracts.  

Commercial Energy Billing Process 

E.ON uses a combination of billing methods to make payments as accessible as possible. Like most Big 6 Energy Suppliers, E.ON also offers discounts for paying with direct debit. Unlike most competitors. E.ON does not lock their discount into 7%, so it may be lower or higher depending on your quote.  

E.ON delivers monthly invoices to businesses. These are typically payable within 14 days. They include all costs, including VAT and charges. The energy provider also offers an online portal, where you can manage all payments, upcoming charges, and pay bills.  

Change of Tenancy  

If you are moving to or from an E.ON location, E.ON makes it as easy as possible to update your account.  

Leaving E.ON – If you’re moving to a new location, E.ON is one of the simplest providers to work with. Simply set up your new contract with your new supplier and they handle everything. E.ON requests data like final meter reading, termination date, etc., from your new supplier. This means you don’t have to do anything to end your contract. However, if you are on a fixed contract, you can expect to face an early termination fee if it is less than 49 days before the end of the contract. You may also be able to move your E.ON contract with you, although this depends on where you are moving.  

E.ON may object to you transferring your account to a new supplier if you have an outstanding balance. E.ON will remove the objection if you switch the balance to your new provider, if you pay the balance in full, or if you open a direct debit account to pay the balance.  

Additionally, if E.ON owes you outstanding credit following the final meter reading, they will try to refund you within 10 business days. Values over £500 take longer.  

Moving to Premises with E.ON– If you move into a new premises with E.ON meters, you will likely pay E.ON’s deemed rates at first. These average 26.3p per kWh. Call E.ON at 0345 052 0000 to set up the new contract.  

Business Bill Payment Methods  

E.ON accepts a wide range of payment methods. The provider’s preferred payment method is via direct debit, set up through its online portal. However, you can also choose a number of other payment options to suit your business. Most payment methods require that you have your account number at hand.  

  • Debit/Credit  
  • Bank Transfer ( Send to 36166103/ 60-80-09 with your E.ON account number)  
  • Cheque (Post to E.ON, PO Box 123, Nottingham, NG1 6HD and write your account number on the back)  
  • Payzone 
  • PayPoint  
  • Cash or Cheque at any bank or post office  

Additionally, E.ON offers extensive bill management and debt payment options. For example, you can set up Pay as You Go metering to reduce large bills at once. E.ON also offers payment plans and repayment options if you are behind on your bill.  

Submitting a Meter Reading  

E.ON uses an online portal for meter submissions. You can also submit your meter reading online without an account. Unfortunately, businesses do not have any other options for submitting a meter reading. When submitting the reading, upload all numbers before the decimal point, ignoring red numbers.  

Smart Meters 

E.ON strongly encourages smart meters and will install them for free. Smart meters free you from having to submit meter readings. They also give you insight into monthly electric usage. You can apply for one here 

E.ON Business Contact Details

E.ON is easy to reach by phone or by post.  

Phone: 0345 052 0000 

Address: Westwood Way Westwood Business Park Coventry West Midlands CV4 8LG 


Opening Hours: 8 AM – 6 PM  

To learn more, visit E.ON’s contact page.