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EDF Energy Business: Electricity & Gas Tariffs & Reviews

EDF Energy is one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK. While founded in 2002, EDF Energy is now one of the “Big Six Energy Suppliers”, or one of the largest in the country. With 5.2 million + customer accounts, EDF is definitely one of the most popular business energy suppliers in the UK.  

EDF Energy offers competitive rates, with standing rate charges lower than many competitors. Additionally, EDF Energy is very green, with a 0-carbon energy promise that mostly relies on nuclear power. In fact, EDF owns 8 nuclear power plants, making it the largest electricity generator in the UK. This, plus generally positive customer reviews make EDF a top choice for business electric and gas.  

EDF Energy Business Electricity Tariffs 

EDF Energy offers two primary electricity plans for business, a flat rate plan and a rolling plan. Both offer advantages.  

Fixed for Business Tariffs  

  • Locked-in rates for 1-4 years 
  • Tariffs average 18.7p p/kWh 
  • Night-time rates average 14.6 p/kWh 
  • Protection against price changes over the duration of the contract  
  • Early exit fees apply  

Freedom for Business Tariffs 

  • Rolling plan with no maximum term 
  • Freedom to switch to another plan at any time  
  • Variable pricing – rates fluctuate, but EDF promises a 30-day advance warning  
  • No exit fees and no exit notice required 
  • Rates are normally slightly more expensive than a fixed-rate plan  
  • Ideal for businesses looking for freedom from plans  

All Tariffs Information  

  • Out of Contract or Deemed rates average 26p p/kWh  
  • EDF Energy uses 100% zero carbon nuclear energy  
  • 7% discount for Direct Debit payments 
  • Standing charges average 50-90p p/day  
  • Standing charges are billed whether you use electric or not  
  • All p/kWh charges depend on day/night rates 
  • All p/kWh charges are variable based on location  

It’s important to note that all rates greatly vary based on location. Prices can vary as much as 20-30% depending on which part of the UK you’re in. Therefore, it’s always important to get a quote before settling on an energy company. Additionally, rates are exclusive the 20% VAT and 0.811p/kWh Climate Change Levy 

EDF Energy Business Gas Tariffs & Plans  

EDF offers gas only or gas/electric plans. Most plans are cheaper if you source both together.  

Fixed for Business Tariffs 

  • Locked-in rates for 1-4 years 
  • Gas tariffs average 3-6p p kWh  
  • Standing charges average 56p p/day  
  • Exit fees apply  
  • Ideal for businesses looking for long-term pricing security  

Freedom for Business Tariffs 

  • Rolling rates, prices change as often as every 30 days 
  • No contract minimum/ switch contracts at any time  
  • No exit fees and no notice required  
  • Rates are more expensive than fixed tariffs 

EDF Big Business 

EDF offers big business rates, with 3 similar plans. These divide plans and rates into fixed and rolling, with the same terms as the standard business. You additionally choose between three contract types:  

  • Peace of Mind 
  • Standard 
  • Reflective 

The differences are reflected in how you pay for delivery and new generation incentives. Otherwise, the plans are the same. All big business plans have no cap on total volume of usage. Big business plans are not zero carbon by default.  

  • Contracts up to 48 months 
  • Available for businesses spending £30,000+ on electric or with 50+ locations  
  • Cheaper than smaller business rates 
  • HH and NHH meters available  
  • 0-5 GW of power available per contract, or effectively, no cap  

All plans 

  • Out of contract/deemed rates start at 5.3p p/kWh 
  • Standing charges start at 100p p/day  

EDF Energy Business Reviews & Ratings  

EDF Energy is one of the best-reviewed of the Big Six Energy Suppliers. For example, EDF maintains a 4-star review on Trustpilot, with 72% positive reviews., formerly, rates the company much lower at just 2 stars. However, with just 45 reviews on the platform, it’s difficult to assess the accuracy of total opinion. Here, customers complain about slow customer service and some technical issues with customer service.  

Which? Also has a more positive opinion of EDF Energy. It rates EDF as having 4 stars for bill accuracy, 3 stars for customer service, and 3 stars for handling complaints.  

Overall, EDF has largely positive reviews. Their customer service and handling of customer complaints receive more criticism than any other offering. However, reviews are largely more positive than most competitors of a similar size.  


  • Simple plans and pricing  
  • Low standing charges  
  • 100% carbon-free energy (nuclear) as a standard for most businesses  
  • Fixed-rate and variable plans available  


  • Customer service might be lacking  
  • EDF scores poorly on problem resolution  
  • Standing charges are billed for meters whether you use EDF energy or not  

Switching to EDF Energy  

EDF Energy makes it as easy as possible to switch to their services. For fixed-rate plans, you can set a move-in date and lock in rates for 4 years, up to 180 days before the contract starts.  

  1. Visit or call 0333 009 7085 
  2. Have business details including address, intended annual gas/electric usage, and meter or service number where available  
  3. Choose a variable of fixed-rate plan  
  4. Wait the 14-day mandatory cool-off period  
  5. Confirm the start date, up to 150 days after the contract starts  
  6. If you’re in an existing contract with another supplier, check their Terms of Service. Some providers require you to notify them when switching providers.  
  7. Submit a final meter reading/ first meter reading  

Importantly, EDF Energy can supply energy and gas to your premises during the cool-off period. However, you have full rights to cancel the contract without fees at any point during that first 14 days. However, the full process of setting up an EDF contract normally takes 3 weeks.  

Commercial Energy Billing Process  

EDF uses a monthly billing process, with an online portal for bill pay. This means you can choose fully paper bill pay or opt out of paper payments and switch to online payments only. Invoices are typically submitted monthly and are due within 14 days of receipt.  

Change of Tenancy  

Moving to a New Location – It’s important to contact EDF Energy as quickly as possible when moving. EDF charges an Early Termination Fee if you have a fixed-rate contract and it is more than 30 days before the end of your contract. This fee is dependent on the time remaining on the contract and the duration of the contract. EDF will not allow you to cancel your contract if you have an outstanding bill. To change tenancy, simply submit a notice to leave. EDF will respond within a few business days to confirm or object to your decision. If you have a variable contract, no notice is required.  

If you’re moving premises and would like to take your EDF contract with you, you can do that too, depending on the new location.  

Switching to EDF Business Energy

If you’re moving into a building with an EDF supply, contact them at 0333 009 7115. Otherwise, you will pay out of contract rates, which average at 26p p/kWh. You may be asked to supply the old tenants forwarding address and contact details.  

Business Bill Payment Methods  

EDF Energy offers a wide range of bill pay options. The EDF portal accepts debit, direct debit, and credit cards. You can also choose methods including:  

  • Bank transfer (Transfer to 13845095 / 40-05-30 with your account number quoted)  
  • Debit/Credit (Call 0333 200 5108 and have your account number ready)  
  • Cheque  
  • PayPoint  
  • Payzone  
  • Post-office payments 

EDF uses a simple billing system where you can track payments with just your EDF account number. This means you can pay your invoice with a debit card and your account number and nothing else.  

Submitting Meter Readings 

EDF offers numerous ways to submit your meter reading. For example, if you have an EDF account, you can log into the portal and submit it there.  

You can also choose:  

  • The EDF app for Android and iOS  
  • Via phone at 0333 200 5108 
  • Via the online portal 

To submit your meter reading, make sure you have your account number at hand. You want to report all numbers before the decimal point for electric meters. Ignore red numbers and those after the decimal point. For gas meters, use all numbers except from the orange dial.  

Smart Meters 

EDF offers free smart meters to most businesses. If you have a smart meter, it will automatically submit readings for you. This also means you can see up to date usage data in the EDF app or your account portal.  

If you do not have an EDF smart meter, you can request one by logging into your EDF account. You cannot request a smart meter without setting up the account first.  

EDF Energy Business Contact Details  

EDF Energy is relatively easy to contact and maintains offices throughout the UK. You can contact them through:  

  • Phone: 0333 200 5103 
  • Opening Times: 8 AM-6 PM  

If you want to know more, or are contacting EDF for a specific reason, check their contact page for additional options.