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Crown Energy Business: Electricity & Gas Tariffs & Reviews

Crown Energy, or Crown Gas & Energy is a popular gas provider. It is the utilities arm of the three-part electricity, oil, and utilities installation company, Crown. Additionally, the naming scheme is a bit confusing. In fact, Crown Energy installs meters and gas connections. It’s often confused with Crown Gas & Energy, which supplies businesses. However, the company has a reputation for good service and rates. Additionally, Crown Energy offers competitive natural gas rates.  

However, Crown Energy doesn’t provide power. Instead, they can broker power for you, install a connection, and help you get a connection. Additionally, Crown offers particularly good rates on national gas, making them one of the lowest-cost gas suppliers in the country. If your business uses a lot of gas, Crown could be an excellent choice.  

Crown Business Electricity Tariffs

Crown does not supply electricity. However, Crown does offer a connection supply and a brokerage service. This means that while you can’t get an electric supply with your natural gas from Crown Gas & Power, you can have Crown install water and electric meters. The company can also connect you to an electric broker to find an electric supplier for you. However, rates, terms, and contract lengths vary considerably.  

  • No direct energy services available 
  • Brokerage offered  
  • Brokers offer contracts of up to 5 years  
  • Electric meters and multi-supply meters offered 
  • Credit, standard, and smart meters available  

In most cases, you’ll likely want to source your energy supply elsewhere. However, Crown Gas & Power acquired an electric trading license from OFGEM in June of 2020. This strongly suggests the company is introducing electric supply to its normal services.  

Crown Energy Business Gas Tariffs & Plans 

Crown Energy delivers direct supply gas, from its sister gas company Crown Oil. This allows Crown Gas & Power to offer highly competitive pricing. The company offers some of the lowest rates of any competitor. Additionally, because it supplies gas connections as well, they can offer a full-service solution to a new business.  

Corona Gas & Power tariffs include: 

  • 12–48-month contracts 
  • Variable & fixed rates available  
  • Standing rates set at 65p per day  
  • Rates from 3.5p per kWh but averaging 4.5  
  • Deemed rates from 5.5p per kWh though this varies across locations  
  • 100% natural gas with no carbon offset  
  • Exit fees  
  • 100% Biomethane available for an increased price  
  • Full support for multi-site businesses including multi-site power management in the portal  

While Crown Gas & Power does offer affordably priced natural gas, it is not carbon offset. However, Crown has a carbon offset program you can opt into. If your business is concerned about going green, has carbon reduction targets to meet this can be a good call. On the other hand, you will have to choose biomethane if you want renewable energy with the company. Otherwise, you’ll have to purchase carbon offsets yourself. While Crown Gas & Power offers both for a premium, it also offers percentages of green as a standard. This can help you meet both budget and carbon footprint reduction targets. If you want to set this up, you’ll have to contact your account manager or ask about it when requesting a quote.   

Otherwise, Crown offers very competitively priced natural gas.  

Crown Energy Business Reviews & Ratings 

While Crown Gas & Power launched in 2001 and its sister companies have been in business for over 25 years, there’s little about them on the web. In a way, that’s a positive thing, as most customers are more likely to post a negative review than a positive one. However, Crown Energy does have almost 200 positive reviews on Google Reviews. That’s impressive, considering there are virtually no negative comments at all.  

Similarly, Crown Energy has mostly positive reviews on Facebook. About 70% of customers recommend the company. However, most reviews relate to meter installations – which might not be entirely applicable if you’re looking for gas. Crown Energy also doesn’t publish its OFGEM customer service reports.  


  • Competitive gas rates 
  • Plenty of contract length options  
  • Small-business approach from a family-owned gas supplier 


  • No electric supply in 2021 
  • Small company/ small customer service team  
  • Carbon offsets and biomethane bundles are separate and more expensive 

Switching to Crown Gas & Power 

Crown Gas & Power makes it easy to switch to them. However, unlike many competitors, the organization is small. This means that switching involves a manual process and more contact with the team than with many larger energy suppliers. Setting up a new contract with Crown Energy works like this:  

  • Call Crown at 0161 762 7744 to request a quote. If you spend less than £100 per month, you can request a quote online with nothing more than your zip code and estimated spend. If you fill out the form on the site, Crown will call you back. Essentially, nothing can be handled online.  
  • Choose a contract duration as well as whether you want carbon offset or biomethane 
  • Give Crown your move-in or transfer date 
  • Crown will handle most of the details. However, you may have to contact your existing energy supplier. For example, if you explicitly have to give your energy supplier notice, you should write them a letter yourself. However, Crown’s team attempts to handle everything for you.  
  • Wait for the minimum 14-day cool-off period to end.  
  • Your contract will start 
  • The setup process takes a minimum of 15 days 
  • Following setup, you’ll receive a welcome package with information on setting up your appointment to install an AMR or smart meter. However, this depends on your business size and whether you’re running a business in a Designated property.  

Additionally, if you’re supplying a new location or need new meters, Crown can supply those as part of the contract. If this is needed, ask about it when requesting a quote.  

Commercial Energy Billing Process 

Crown Energy bills customers in the first week of the month following energy usage. All invoices are sent as estimates unless you send a monthly meter reading in the last 3 days of the month. Additionally, Crown Energy asks and supplies either a smart meter or an AMR, so this information is provided automatically.  

Unlike many competitors, Crown Energy does not use fixed billing. This means your monthly bill will change based on actual usage. You will not build up credit or debit with the company because your actual usage is billed every month.  

Invoices are sent by the end of week one. Additionally, the invoice includes VAT of 20% for businesses using over 125kW of gas. Otherwise, VAT is 5% for charities, schools, public organizations, and those using less than 125kW of gas. Additionally, you will see the Climate Change Levy (CCL) on your invoice. Neither of these costs are included in the quote.  

Change of Tenancy  

If you’re moving in or out of a Crown Gas supplied property, setting up a new contract with them is relatively easy. However, unlike with many competitors, you will have to call them directly to get anything to happen.  

  • Have your move-in date, proof of move, and details of old/new tenant available 
  • If you’re moving out, Crown will bill you after the final move-out date. This means that if you don’t have an AMR or smart meter, you will have to submit a final meter reading. If you’re moving in, Crown needs a first meter reading 3 days before the move-in date.  
  • Wait for the change of tenancy 
  • If you’re moving out of a Crown Gas supplied premises, Crown offers undisclosed incentives to create a new contract at your new premises. This incentive is based on business and business size. Contact your account manager for details.  

Essentially, you just have to contact Crown directly to change your data.  

Business Bill Payment Methods 

Crown Gas & Power accepts BACs bank transfer and direct debit. You can make either through your online portal or pay directly from your invoice. While this is fewer payment options than nearly any other competitor, it keeps things simple. However, it also means that Crown Gas is not a good fit for organizations without a UK bank account.  

Submitting Meter Readings 

Crown Gas & Power strongly encourages installing smart meters and AMR. However, if you don’t have one, you can submit a meter reading via the online portal. You can also do so from the web without an account. You will need:  

  • Company and contact details 
  • Your account number/MRN/Site reference 
  • The meter reading  

Additionally, you can take a photo of the meter with the reading and MPAN visible and send it to Crown. Their contact details are or 07557545781 for WhatsApp.  

Smart Meters 

Crown Gas & Power strongly encourages installing Smart Meters or AMR. Visit their web page here to opt into the option you qualify for. You’ll also receive a welcome packet with information on signup.  

Crown Energy Business Contact Details  

Crown Energy is a small business with no call center. You’ll talk directly to a local representative located in Bury. That can mean faster service, but it normally also means longer wait times on the phone.  

Phone: 0161 762 7744  


Opening Hours: 9AM-5PM 

Address: 2nd Floor, Crown Point, Heap Brow, Bury, BL9 7JR, United Kingdom 

Visit their contact page to learn more.