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Corona Energy Business: Electricity & Gas Tariffs & Reviews 

Corona Energy is one of the only British energy suppliers selling almost exclusively to business. The green energy provider has also been in business since the 1999. Today, it supplies 13,000 business customers and 85,000 meters across the U.K. 

 While Corona Energy is primarily a green energy buyer, it’s also working on green energy production of its own. Additionally, Corona Energy does not offer residential power or electric. That means the business stays small and specialized. This makes it a perfect fit for microbusinesses and industries that need business electric and good customer service. Otherwise, Corona Energy is extremely popular with customers. It also receives high ratings across the web.  

Corona Energy Business Electricity Tariffs 

Corona Energy offers both variable and fixed rates, with standard and half-hourly meter rates available. However, Corona Energy is not upfront about pricing, Instead, you must contact them for a custom quote to start a contract. This means it’s important to compare pricing to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.  

Corona business energy tariffs offer:  

  • 100% renewable energy 
  • 12-36-month contracts  
  • Exit and early termination fees apply  
  • Out of contract rates are 22.50p per kWh with a 0.90-700p daily standing charge  
  • Deemed rates are 22.50p per kWh with a 0.90 (non-half-hourly meter) to 700p (half-hourly meter) daily standing charge  
  • Dedicated account managers 
  • Automatic Meter Reading available  
  • 10-day setup time for new contracts 

While Corona Energy doesn’t offer transparent pricing, the company does offer fully custom quotes to every customer. That means pricing and offerings are fully scaled to your business. This can be advantageous, especially if you have specific energy needs. Additionally, Corona Energy sources 100% renewable energy from wind, hydro, and solar. That means you get green gas, and nothing is carbon offset. 

When you do request a quote, make sure you have your full business information ready. If you spend more than £11,000 a year, you’ll have to call to make custom arrangements. In most cases, you’ll get the fastest result if you call upfront anyway. For example, Corona Energy attempts to answer all email requests within 48 hours. However, they will likely request additional information in response to your email.  

Corona Energy Business Gas Tariffs & Plans 

Corona Energy is one of the only energy suppliers in the UK to deliver 100% green gas. Additionally, Corona is OFGEM certified for biogas. In fact, they use 100% biogas produced in the U.K. This means that for every kWh of gas you use, a kWh of green gas goes onto the grid. That makes Corona Energy a top choice if you’re concerned about the environment. Additionally, if going green is a key part of your business’s social responsibility platform Corona is a good choice. In fact, they are one of the only biogas providers in the UK. Additionally, rates are surprisingly low considering.  

  • Fixed and Variable contracts available  
  • 12-36-month contracts 
  • Exit and early termination fees apply 
  • 100% biogas  
  • Out of contract rates are 5.90p per kWh with a £3-25 daily standing charge depending on band  
  • Deemed rates are 5.90p per kWh with a £3-25 daily standing charge 

Essentially, Corona Energy offers competitive deemed rates but high daily standing charges. You’ll also have to call to request a quote. You’ll get a rate based on your location and business size. However, Corona Energy does claim to offer wholesale gas rates. This can be considerably cost-saving for gas-heavy businesses. That’s especially interesting considering they offer 100% green gas.  

Corona Energy Business Reviews & Ratings 

Corona Energy has a particularly good reputation on sites like Trustpilot. Here, it has an average of 4.6 stars. With over 500 reviews, that is an impressively high rating for an energy company. Additionally, 67% of all reviews are 5 stars. That makes Corona Energy one of the highest rated energy suppliers on the website.  

Unfortunately, Corona Energy has very few ratings profiles elsewhere. The company does not supply residential energy. This means consumer watchdogs like Citizens Advice and Which? have not picked it up. However, Corona Energy does publicly share its OFGEM reports. For example, the company resolved nearly 30% of complains within 1 business day. A further 55% of complaints are resolved within 8 weeks. Additionally, Corona Energy receives some 6.86 complaints per 100 customers. This tracks well to its online reputation. Additionally, most negative reviews online relate to standing charges and some inaccurate billing.  


  • 100% renewable energy & gas 
  • Flexible contract options  
  • Small business approach  
  • Fast customer service  


  • High standing charges 
  • Exit fees 
  • No tariff transparency  
  • Small provider  

Switching to Corona Business Energy  

Corona Energy has an easy switch policy in place. This means they try to make transfers as fast and painless as possible. For example, the supplier has 10-day connection policy. This means that once you start a contract, they strive to have it in place within 10 business days. Starting a contract with Corona Energy is also relatively straightforward:  

  • Fill out the request a quote form or call 0800 804 8589 
  • Have business details including address, meter number, and expected use to hand  
  • If you’re moving in, have proof of contract or ownership to hand  
  • Contact your old supplier to alert them of the switch. You may also be responsible for giving your old supplier leave of notice, depending on your contract.  
  • Choose a flexible or fixed tariff 
  • Your contract will start  

Corona Energy offers a dedicated account manager. This means that once you set up, you’ll always work with the same person. This can make organizing details around your transfer easier. Once your contract starts, you always work with the same representative.  

Commercial Energy Billing Process 

Corona Energy sends a monthly invoice to your online portal and to your postbox. This includes VAT, AMR rates, and non-tariff rates such as the Climate Change Levy (CCL). Additionally, you’ll have multiple options to pay. However, Corona Energy handles most payment and invoice data through its portal. 

Change of Tenancy  

Corona Energy requires a high amount of documentation to process a change of tenancy request. This means you’ll want to prepare by gathering relevant documentation before getting in touch.  

  • Find proof of the move. This can include a lease agreement or certified tenancy agreement. You can also use a solicitor’s letter with details of the move, or a deed of surrender signed by both parties. Additionally, you can choose a TR1 
  • Fill out the change of tenancy form 
  • If you’re moving in, be sure to send the form at least 30 days before the move-in date. Otherwise, deemed rates will apply  
  • Submit gas and electric meter readings  
  • Supply full business details for old and new tenants 
  • Supply full contact details for old and new tenants 
  • Email the completed form to  

Corona Energy also asks that existing tenants keep direct debit accounts open until the final bill is processed. This allows you to pay the final bill and receive any credit or pay any debit on the account.  

Business Bill Payment Methods
Corona Energy primarily accepts direct debit payments. However, you can also use bank transfer to BACs. Or you can pay via cheque. You will have to contact your account manager to set these payment methods up.  

You can set up direct debit using the online form. If you’d like another way to pay, call 0800 804 8589. Otherwise, if you already have an account manager, contact them directly. 

Submitting Meter Readings  

Corona Energy heavily invests in Automatic Meter Readings and in Smart Meters. However, if you have neither, you’ll still have to submit a meter reading. You can do so online or by calling 0800 804 8589.  

Additionally, if you have more than 10 meters, you can submit your readings using an Excel sheet. Use the instructions here to format and upload your spreadsheet. You can also log into the MyCorona web portal to submit your meter reading.  

Importantly, it’s much faster to submit via the MyCorona portal. The submission number goes to general customer service, meaning you’ll have to select through to reading submission. From there, you’ll still have to submit MPAN numbers for every meter you’re submitting.  

Smart Meters 

Corona Energy is rolling out smart meters on a zip code basis. This means that when your area qualifies for meter installation, they will contact you. Otherwise, there is no signup process and no way to tell Corona Energy you’re interested.  

Smart Meters allow you to skip meter reading submission. It also means you’ll get more accurate bills, especially if you’re paying variable rates. Why? Smart meters track and upload energy usage in real time. Therefore, you’ll always know what you’re using and when. This allows you to make smarter decisions around energy usage. For example, you can see exact tariffs, and to better control monthly spend.  

Corona Energy Business Contact Details  

Corona Energy is relatively easy to get in touch with. Additionally, they have a high rate of complaint resolution. This means calling them is normally the best way to get in touch.  

Phone: 0800 804 8589  

Email: (customers), (non-customers) 

Business hours: 9AM-5PM Mon-Fri 

Address: Building 2, Croxley Green Business Park, Watford WD18 8YA, UK  

Visit their contact us page to learn more.