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78 Best Business Energy Brokers & Consultants: UK Comparison

Finding the best business energy broker for your business can be tricky. The commercial energy market is far from one-size-fits-all, sometimes it’s best to get in touch with a business energy consultant who can take you through your specific requirements and give you peace of mind.

A procurement specialist can help you find deals that can lower your business electricity prices or business gas rates.

When ready, you can compare quotes here.

Below is a list of UK business energy brokerages, procurement specialists and commercial energy consultants we’ve researched along with their offerings & benefits. Note that brokers are in no particular order.

Main Topics

1. QuoteMyEnergy

  • Independent & impartial
  • Straightforward process including a phone call to provide the most accurate quotes
  • Compares tariffs from 18 different suppliers
  • Excellent customer service

2. Love Energy Savings

  • Provides quotes for a wide range of suppliers in seconds
  • Customers work with a dedicated account manager
  • You can check the progress of your switch with online tracking
  • Has direct relationships with energy suppliers

3. Inenco

  • Long term relationships with energy suppliers – business broker since 1968
  • Independent and transparent
  • Customers work with a dedicated energy consultant
  • Bespoke solutions

4. Utility Bidder

  • Award-winning service
  • Exclusive rates from over 27 suppliers
  • Offer £1000 if they cannot beat your renewal quote
  • Immediate pricing available for a range of gas suppliers

5. Inspired Energy

  • Bespoke solutions
  • Fixed and flexible options
  • Risk management
  • The team includes market analysis, risk management and contract negotiators

6. UCR Consultants

  • Quick comparison and detailed cost analysis available
  • Specialise in utility cost reduction for businesses
  • Offers solutions from all major suppliers plus a few smaller suppliers too
  • Independent broker with experienced account managers

7. Mitie Energy

  • Offer end-to-end capabilities
  • A range of standalone services and integrated solutions
  • Completely independent
  • Guaranteed savings of 10% with 0 Capex investment

8. Green Energy Consulting

  • Leading independent UK energy consultancy
  • Specialises in renewable energy
  • Relationships with the whole commercial energy market
  • Bill validation and budget management

9. Northern Gas & Power

  • Largest energy consultancy by customer volume and managed TWhs
  • Fixed, flexible and renewable contracts
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Impartial energy procurement and energy management solutions

10. Business Juice

  • Access to market-leading rates from 30+ suppliers
  • Dedicated account manager and dedicated relationship management team
  • 120-day rolling contracts that can be cancelled at any time
  • Tailor-made quotes

11. Power Solutions UK

  • Independent broker
  • Works with 26 energy providers
  • Offers a free audit
  • Energy reduction services

12. Resolve Energy

  • End to end service
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Independent and impartial
  • Negotiate contracts and provide ongoing support

13. Black Sheep Utilities

  • Independent & bespoke prices
  • Work with 30+ energy suppliers
  • Direct contact with a dedicated account manager
  • Tailored end to end service

14. LSI Energy

  • Over 20 years experience
  • Comparison of the whole energy market
  • Cost analysis and contract comparison
  • Award winning service

15. Consultus International Group

  • End to end approach including consulting, negotiation and procurement
  • Offer solutions to reach green energy goals
  • Risk management and portfolio management

16. Torse

  • Independent advice
  • Support with CRC responsibilities and compliance
  • Receive a collated quote with prices from 15+ suppliers
  • Energy management and billing validation

17. Boxfish (Business Cost Consultants)

  • Transparent pricing with a refund promise
  • Independent
  • Free review of utility costs and contract
  • Detailed annual report

18. British Energy Contract Consultancy (BEC)

  • Free independent market review
  • Price negotiation and supplier review
  • Account management service
  • Assistance with contract termination and tenancy change

19. Utility Renewals

  • Complete energy procurement service
  • Invoice validation
  • Account management support

20. Apollo Energy

  • Full market analysis
  • Fixed and flexible solutions
  • Utility management services
  • Advise on regulatory compliance

21. Trade Link Solutions

  • Specialises in renewable energy
  • Renewable and non-renewable energy experts
  • Ofgem administration service

22. Utility Helpline

  • Fully comprehensive service
  • Offer £500 if they are beaten on price
  • Free auto-switching service
  • Compare prices from 35+ suppliers

23. Direct Power

  • Expert advice
  • Dedicated consultant
  • Contract watch system (including correct billing and renewal reminders)
  • Help set up audits such as ESOS audits

24. Pulse Business Energy

  • Automated energy management software (admin and reporting)
  • Full broker service
  • Green energy solutions

25. Nationwide Energy

  • Free energy saving advice
  • Assist with new sites, contract renewals and multi-sites
  • Billing auditing

26. F1 Energy

  • Independent consultants for SME businesses
  • Simplify utility commitments
  • Account management

27. Fairnet

  • 15 years experience
  • Offer advice and access to energy-saving technology
  • Free contract monitoring and termination service

28. Data Energy

  • Bespoke services
  • Compliance, sustainability and renewable energy support
  • Invoice validation

29. Zero Trace Procurement

  • Bespoke purchasing strategies
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Portfolio auditing service

30. Nationwide Utilities

  • Account auditing and risk assessments
  • Regulation and compliance support
  • ISO50001 accredited
  • Renewable energy purchasing

31. Pro-Eco

  • Specialises in the hospitality sector
  • Free analysis on current costs
  • Invoice checking

32. Gaia Energy

  • Specialises in bulk energy for churches and charities
  • Promotes renewable energy
  • Access to nearly all suppliers

33. Business Energy Direct

  • Specialises in small businesses
  • UK based support
  • Free consultation

34. Utilisave

  • Over 25 years experience
  • Independent
  • Works with 20+ suppliers
  • Keep track of contract renewals for you

35. Fortis Energy

  • Variable and fixed term solutions
  • Works with all major UK suppliers
  • Contract management
  • Broker since 1993

36. Box Power

  • Community interest company
  • Supporting charities and UK causes
  • Flexible and fixed energy solutions
  • Dedicated account teams

37. Bluemark Consultants

  • Tailored solutions
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Carbon Trust Registered
  • Work with renewable energy technologies

38. Catalyst Commercial

  • Award-winning
  • Focus on digital energy services
  • Ongoing energy management support
  • Fixed, portfolio and flexible solutions

39. SB Energy

  • Part of Zenergi
  • Risk management products
  • Invoice validation service
  • Dedicated account management

40. Utility Savings Corporation

  • Free energy health check
  • Green energy advice
  • Bill checking service included
  • Contract monitoring

41. Energy Services

  • Independent advice
  • Energy procurement and management
  • Dedicated account management team
  • Energy performance analysis

42. Energy Solutions

  • Bespoke advice
  • Bill validation
  • Online bill calculators
  • Free energy guides

43. Indigo Swan

  • Award-winning consultancy
  • Bespoke service
  • Energy health check
  • Online client portal for energy management

44. Kinect Energy Group

  • Renewable energy management
  • Carbon and cost control strategy
  • Risk management

45. Energy & Carbon Management (Previously Inprova Energy)

  • Bespoke energy solutions
  • Data and invoice management
  • Energy efficiency programme
  • Compliance experts

46. Direct Energy

  • Family-owned
  • 95%+ customer retention rate
  • Fixed and flexible contracts
  • UIA Accredited

47. BBA Energy

  • Key account manager
  • Handle new connections
  • Bill validation
  • Offer services to microbusinesses

48. Utilities Savings

  • Assists with changing supplier and moving premises
  • Manage new connections
  • Energy usage analysis
  • Bill validation

49. Business Energy Store

  • Guarantee to beat any renewal quote
  • Specialise in multi-site and half hourly market
  • Work with all UK suppliers
  • Support and advice for green and vegan energy

50. Utility Assist

  • Compare up to 30 suppliers
  • Assess your energy needs
  • Energy consumption support and management
  • Ongoing support and guidance

51. Spiral Utilities

  • Energy usage monitoring and reporting
  • Audit and reduce capacity charges
  • Instant access to all suitable energy tariffs

52. Watt Utilities

  • Family-run consultancy
  • Independent advice
  • Full energy market comparison
  • Tailored services for large businesses

53. ESS Utility Consultants

  • Provides quotes from large and small suppliers
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting
  • Progress and savings updates
  • Invoice validation services

54. Exchange Utility

  • Tailored service
  • Compares prices from 20 suppliers
  • Fixed and variable solutions
  • Highly rated customer service

55. Effective Utilities

  • Fully managed service
  • Risk management
  • Invoice validation
  • Utility tracking and monitoring

56. Taurus Utility Consultants

  • Free advice
  • Free business electricity audit
  • Contract management
  • Can manage new builds and new connections

57. Smarter Business

  • Compare 27 energy suppliers
  • Work with businesses of all sizes
  • Free energy quote in 5 minutes

58. Utility SwopShop

  • Free supplier audit
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Offer certified green energy plans
  • Discounts based on volume

59. Amber Energy

  • Bespoke sustainability solutions
  • Tailored utility procurement
  • Transparent reporting
  • Awarded “Consultancy of the Year” (2020)

60. Energy Renewals

  • Energy management and procurement
  • Feasibility efficiency service
  • Voltage optimisation system
  • Support in accessing Revolving Green Fund

61. Utility Market Watch

  • Independent advice
  • Fixed tariffs
  • Dedicated account manager
  • UK based support

62. Cope Energy

  • 1 – 5 year fixed-price contracts
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Multiple contract end date alignment
  • Handling change of tenancy

63. Affiliated Utilities

  • Account management and bill validation
  • Full analysis of offers
  • Organise contract renewals

64. The Energy Desk

  • Supports businesses of all sizes
  • End to end energy management
  • CHP systems
  • Award-winning

65. Energy Intelligence Centre (EIC)

  • Bespoke, integrated solutions
  • Fixed, flexible and portfolio energy procurement
  • Compliance services
  • Independent

66. Utilitrack

  • Provide a comprehensive market report
  • Handles contract negotiations
  • Energy efficiency advice

67. Rocket Utilities

  • Family run
  • Personal service
  • Work with businesses of all sizes

68. Unyfi

  • Specialise in sustainable energy
  • Exclusive rates
  • Full market comparison
  • Bespoke contract lengths

69. Utility Trade Group

  • Specialise in energy efficiency
  • Bill validation and auditing
  • End-to-end procurement and management services
  • Award-winning brokage

70. Intelligent Gas and Power

  • Offers 100% renewable contracts
  • Fully integrated, tailored solutions
  • Quickly compare over 20 energy suppliers
  • Specialise in care homes, leisure and hospitality

71. ESS Energy

  • Contract management
  • Invoice validation
  • Green energy solutions
  • Specialises in hospitality and education sectors

72. Bionic

  • Exclusive deals from suppliers
  • Over 12 years of experience
  • Uses data to save time and get the best deals
  • Instant expert advice

73. Crown Utilities

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Can handle all utility requirements
  • Over 70 years experience
  • Offer bespoke utility management and infrastructure

74. World Fuel Services (also known as World Kinect Energy Services)

  • Focus on sustainability solutions
  • Support businesses of all sizes
  • Provide a total energy solution

75. Switch My Business

  • Specialises in small businesses
  • Receive instant quotes
  • Personal energy switching expert
  • Track your contract so you receive new quotes at renewal time

76. Diverse Utility Solutions

  • Local account manager
  • Reliable energy procurement
  • Offers a range of utility services

77. Energy Centric

  • Free energy reviews
  • Ongoing bill validation
  • Market analysis and flexible contracts
  • Energy efficiency advice

78. Advantage Utilities

  • End to end business energy solution
  • Bespoke solution
  • Honest and transparent service
  • Advantage Analytics (cloud-based monitoring and analysis platform)  

Business Energy Broker Benefits 

There are many benefits from using a commercial energy broker. Here are just a few of them: 

  • A broker offers you quotes from many UK energy suppliers. Without this service, you would have to contact many suppliers for business electricity and gas quotes. Not only is this a longwinded job, but there is also no guarantee that you’ll get the best deal. Leave this job to the experts, so you can concentrate on making money from your company. 
  • Brokers work closely with many energy suppliers. They are, therefore, in a good position to haggle for the best deal based on your circumstances. 
  • Your chosen energy broker will handle the management of your energy supply. This involves organising the switch from your present supplier to the new one and arranging a mutually convenient switchover date. They will also check the new bills are accurate and in line with your quote. 
  • An energy broker will keep an eye on the energy market and the various tariffs offered by the suppliers. Therefore, towards the end of your contract, they will get in touch with better deals to help you stay on the best available tariff. 
  • Your energy broker is an expert in energy management. They can help reduce costs by providing energy efficiency advice and advising how to reduce energy consumption. The broker has access to all your energy data to analyse your overall energy use and advise on ways to manage your energy costs. In the long run, this advice helps reduce some of your business overheads. 


Using a business energy broker isn’t all plain sailing. There are a few downsides to consider too. 

  • A broker can’t have a working relationship with every single energy supplier, so can’t compare every tariff deal.  Depending on your requirements, you might be looking for a cheap deal, or your company policy might dictate using a clean fuel supplier. If it’s the latter, you should choose a specialist broker who deals with suppliers that can provide what you want. 
  • Although you won’t need to do the leg work when sourcing the various deals and tariffs available, you still must make the final decision. Not only does this mean deciding on which broker to use to secure the deal. It also means that you have to choose the right tariff from the broker’s shortlists. However, they will usually advise you as much as possible on which tariff to choose. 
  • Brokers won’t give this help and advice for free. Usually, the energy supplier pays them a commission. However, some brokers charge the customer for their services. Look in the FAQ section for more information on how brokers earn their money. 

Business Energy Broker FAQs 

Here are some questions businesses frequently ask us. 

What does an energy broker do? 

An energy broker has worked hard to build up relationships with many energy suppliers. They use this knowledge to assist their customers in securing the best possible deal for their circumstances. In many cases, the agreement is far better than anything the customer can achieve by contacting the supplier directly. 

Why use an energy broker? 

You want to save your company’s money by choosing the best deal from the many available energy providers. Energy brokers have specialist knowledge and contacts and often have access to exclusive deals with some of the UK’s leading energy suppliers. They also have the time and ability to search the available tariffs for the best for your business. 

Furthermore, in addition to getting the best deal, they can keep track of when your contract is up for renewal so you can continue to receive the lowest prices 

What is an energy broker? 

A business energy broker compares commercial energy prices from suppliers. Then, with this knowledge, they can assist their customers in getting the best possible deal. 

Companies using energy suppliers save time and money by using a commercial energy broker. The broker analyses all the available suppliers on their database to find the best deal for their customer’s circumstances and helps them to change supplier if necessary. 

Are UK energy brokers regulated? 

In the UK, there is no regulating body for energy brokers. However, the Office of Fair Trading regulates all commercial companies when dealing with consumers. And, ensures that brokers comply with consumer protection regulations. 

In the energy industry, Ofgem, the UK government regulator for the energy market, specifically looks after the interests of business and domestic energy users. The Business Protection from Misleading Marketing Regulations 2008 allow Ofgem to take action against business energy consultants and brokers that falsely advertise or mis-sell energy deals to business customers. Having said that, an energy broker doesn’t need the same license as an energy supplier because they don’t involve themselves with direct selling or distributing energy. However, the Ofgem Confidence Code, a voluntary code of conduct for reputable energy price comparison companies, indicates to consumers the energy brokers who will not mislead or confuse when comparing prices. 

How do energy brokers make their money? 

Energy brokers can get paid in three ways. And it’s up to the customer to decide which is best for them 

  • The broker receives a commission paid by the energy supplier. The amount varies depending on the deal agreed with the customer. However, invariably, the customer unknowingly pays this back to the supplier, who adds the commission onto the base rate charged to the customer. This is called the “supplier uplift” and is anything between 0.05p-5p/kWh. In practice, the broker negotiates this amount with the supplier. This method has the disadvantage that the payment structure is not transparent for the customer. 
  • The customer might pay the broker based on a percentage of the customer’s total savings. This amount can be between 10% and 50% depending on the broker. 
  • The broker might receive an up-front payment from the customer. Before starting work, the broker agrees to the services they will provide the customer. In return, the customer agrees to pay a monthly fee. This payment is independent of your energy bill with the supplier and is solely for the broker’s services. 

What is included in a quote from a business energy broker? 

A typical quote from an energy broker will state four main items. 

  • Standing Charge is the price you pay per day, week, month or year. Usually, stated as pence per day. Even though it seems to be a small charge, don’t forget to compare it to other quotes. 
  • Unit Rate is the amount you pay for the energy you use. It’s priced in kWh irrespective of whether the supply is electricity or gas. 
  • Contract Type specifies which type of contract the supplier offers. There are two types of contract: Fixedterm contracts are often a higher price than variableterm contracts but have less risk. Variable contracts are flexible but can change suddenly depending on the market and the supplier’s policy. 
  • Contract Length specifies how long the standing charge and unit rate will remain the same. Fixedterm contracts usually run for one to five years but keep the same price throughout their duration. In comparison, a variable contract has no fixed term, and you can cancel at any time giving 30 days notice. 

How do you compare brokers? 

First of all, choose three or four different energy brokers that subscribe to the Ofgem Confidence Code.  Next, give the following information to the brokers: 

  • Supply the business address and registration details. 
  • MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number referring to your electricity). 
  • MPRN number (Meter Point Reference Number, referring to your gas). 
  • The name of your current energy supplier and the average monthly energy bill (by submitting a recent statement). 
  • Provide the end date of your present contract. 

The broker will then use this information to find a range of the best tariffs from their database of suppliers. Then, they will present the best options for you to choose from. 

When you’ve decided on the energy tariff, the broker will ask you to sign a letter of authority so they can deal with the supplier on your behalf and manage the switching process. 

Don’t necessarily choose the provider with the cheapest unit rate. Instead, look at the complete package.  

How many brokers are there in the UK? 

As of the time of writing (June 2021), there are well over 3000 energy brokers in the UK. Of these, around 75 are the largest and most popular. So, you have no shortage of brokers to choose from. But, initially, do some research to find a shortlist of reputable energy brokers who you believe will find the energy deal to benefit your company.

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