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British Gas Business Energy: 2021 Tariffs & Reviews 

British Gas is the largest energy supplier in the UK, with over 15 million customers. As a Big Six Energy Supplier, British Gas is one of the primary options in the country but is also 3 times larger than its nearest competitor. British Gas also supplies over 500,000 businesses in the UK, making it the largest business energy supplier in the country.  

British Gas is the largest and one of the most competitive business electricity providers. It’s also one of the greenest, with 76% of standard energy sourced from renewable energy, versus a 38% national average. This, plus competitive rates, the newest technology, and a wide area of service make British Gas a top choice for any business.  

British Gas Business Electricity Tariffs 

British Gas offers Direct or Partner rates, with both fixed and custom solutions. Variable Rates, also known as Out of Contract Rates average 31p per kWh. Deemed rates range between 21.05 and 24.48 pence per kWh with an 86.24p to 2,617p daily standing charge. However, these rates depend on location and hourly metering.  

  • Locked-in rates freeze tariffs for 1-5 years  
  • Pricing is customized to your business and location  
  • Getting gas/electric rates together saves you money  
  • Up to 7% rate discounts for Direct Debit payments 
  • Half-hourly meters 
  • Standing rates average under £1 per day, or half the national average  
  • Quotes do not include the VAT of 20% 
  • Quotes do not include the 0.811p/kWh additional Climate Change Levy  

British Gas offers two primary business tariffs under two companies.  

Business Gas Lite – Organizations spending less than £10,000 per year on electricity want Business Gas Lite. Here, you will receive a custom quote for energy based on contract type, contract duration, location, and total expenditure. For example, we requested a quote in Liverpool and another in Reading, based on a £6,000 electric expenditure per year and received the following quotes.  

Fixed Rate Term   Standing Charge (Daily)  R p/kWh  City   Contract Type  
1 Year  50.00p  18.10p  Liverpool  Direct 
1 Year   89.91p  24.75p  Liverpool  Partner 
1 Year  50.00p   16.37p  Reading  Direct 
1 Year   89.91  24.75  Reading  Partner 
5 Years   72.00  19.15p  Liverpool  Direct 
5 Years  98.98p  24.03p  Liverpool  Partner 
5 Years   72.00  17.45  Reading  Direct 
5 Years   98.98  24.03  Reading  Partner 

Business Gas Business – Organizations spending more than £10,000 on electric per year get additional perks, discounts, and offerings. British Gas Business comes through with volume discounts to help you meet large electric demands. These quotes are offered on a case-by-case basis and are fully customized to your business. In this case, we received rates anywhere from 5% to 30% lower than the Lite rates.  

Additionally, any business using more than 70kWh of energy (Gas or electric) per year can normally opt into half-hourly metering. This is mandatory for businesses using 100 kWh +. Half-hourly metering will change your tariff rate as British gas will bill for how and when you use electric. E.g., you get a cheaper rate for using electric during non-peak hours.  

British Gas Business Gas Tariffs & Plans  

British Gas offers a complex array of gas plans, with variable tariffs included. Most are priced on the assumption you are also choosing electric. Deemed rates range from 5.02-5.48p per kWh with a 153.58-638.73p per day standing charge. British Gas Business Gas variable tariffs are set at 3.33p per kWh for any business size, with a 367.66-4,641.66p per day standing tariff.  

  • Half-hourly meters 
  • Fixed Price Energy Plan (1-3 years) 
  • 30-day Rolling Energy Plan  
  • Green business energy plan (100% renewable)  
  • Standard variable rates (out of contract)  

British gas pricing varies based on location, business size, and total demand. You’ll also see reduced rates if you choose half-hourly metering, a dual electric-gas plan, or use at multiple locations.  

British Gas Business Reviews & Ratings  

Reviews across Trustpilot and are largely critical, with British Gas scoring an average of 3 stars out of 5 on average. However, 44% of all reviews on Trustpilot are 5 stars. British Gas has many customers meaning they will have a large number of unhappy customers. Because unhappy customers are more vocal, you can expect reviews to be slightly tilted towards the negative.  

That aside, British Gas receives negative reviews for poor customer service, slow administration, and slow repair services. The brand ranks high for fast setup, low rates, and quality installations.  

Which? rates British Gas as having a 62% customer trust score with:  

  • 4 out of 5 stars bill accuracy  
  • 3 out of 5 stars customer service 
  • 3 out of 5 stars for complaints handling  


  • 76-100% renewable energy  
  • Fast energy plans setup  
  • Relatively low out-of-contract rates 
  • Choice of plans with discounts for volume usage  


  • Customer service can be slow  
  • Rates are not always the cheapest  
  • Website and plan selection is complex  

Switching to British Gas  

Switching to British Gas is relatively simple. The provider makes it as easy as possible to do so. In fact, if you move into a new business location, British Gas will provide you energy at deemed rates until you set up a contract.  

  1. Contact British Gas with your address and payment method. We’d recommend Direct Debit, for the up to 7% discount on tariffs.  
  2. Discuss terms and choose a plan with the consultant  
  3. Wait for the mandatory 14-day cool-off period to end  
  4. Confirm the switch-over date 
  5. Submit a final meter reading to your old provider 
  6. Send a first meter reading to British Gas 

In most cases, the full process takes 21+ days, including the cool-off period. You can skip the final two steps if you have a Smart Meter or Half-Hourly Metering. If you’re locked into a contract with another provider, it’s unlikely that you want to switch. Check your current contract or provisions before doing so.  

Commercial Energy Billing Process 

British Gas makes it as easy as possible to complete billing. Businesses receive a monthly invoice, complete with itemization, VAT, and deductions. You can opt out of a paper invoice. British Gas also offers an online portal for invoice and payment management.  

If you do not use the payment portal or direct debit, you must submit remittance advice at the time of payment.  

Chance of Tenancy  

If you’re moving into or out of a commercial building supplied by British Gas, it’s easy to switch or start a new contract.  

Moving to a New Location – Login or register for an account with British Gas. You’ll need your account number if you don’t have an account. Submit a moving form. Share your move out date, final meter reading, and forwarding address. You’ll also be asked to supply the name, phone number, and email of the new occupant. If you have a smart meter, it may not be necessary to supply the meter reading.  

Moving into a British Gas Location – Call British Gas at 00 44 113 298 0900 after moving in. Supply your moving date, business details, and first meter reading. You have to negotiate a contract rate at this time.  

Business Bill Payment Methods  

British Gas accepts multiple bill payment methods.  

  • Direct debit – Payments are automatically deducted from your account  
  • Payment portal – Log into the British Gas Business Portal and pay your invoice with bank or credit/debit 
  • Bank transfer – Transfer payments manually to British Gas 
  • Cheque  
  • Postal slip 

Submitting Meter Readings  

British Gas uses an online portal for all business energy transactions. Additionally, many British Gas customers are already using smart meters. This can reduce or eliminate the need to submit meter readings.  

You can do so with or without logging into the portal: 

  • Either log into the portal OR check a recent bill for your email address, account number, and postcode.  
  • Submit your meter reading by sharing all the numbers from your meter reading, ignoring any numbers shown in red or after a decimal point.  

Smart Meters

British Gas offers SMETS2 smart meters. Smart meters allow you to use hourly metering, to get monthly cost updates, and to benefit from more accurate bills.  

  • Request a Smart Meter 
  • British Gas will assess eligibility and whether a smart meter is compatible with your premises 
  • If yes, British Gas will install the smart meter for free 

If you use over 100 kWh per year, you’re required to have a smart meter for hourly metering.  

British Gas Business Contact Details  

British Gas maintains locations across the U.K. and Scotland. However, you can normally contact them via:  

Phone: 0333 202 9802 

Opening Times: 8AM-6PM  

General Queries Postal Address: PO Box 227, ROTHERHAM, S98 1PD 

To learn more, visit British Energy’s welcome page to learn more or to see more contact details.